Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wonder JUICE

I knew my neurologist was going to order the Solu-Medrol drip when I went to see her Friday. Thankfully, I was schedule for one instead of three. I do not know about other MS’ers, but I experienced it all from the Solu-Medrol.

The best side effect from the drip is feeling like super woman and I hopefully I will become super-woman today. I am mad at myself because I did not get my caffeine in (Pepsi) before the nurse injected the IV, the metallic taste form within minutes. Now I have to wait several hours for my taste bug to return to have my tall ice filled glass of Pepsi. A thousand milligram of steroids works wonders.

Everything looks 100 times brighter and I FEEL GOOD right now!


Diana & Cecilia said...

I've only had the Wonder Juice once -- for optic neuritis that appeared in both eyes (one was trying to heal and the other one got ON). Optic neuritis has always been my nemesis. Copaxone has really helped me though and has really slowed this darn disease down in a dramatic way. That and being able to retire from corporate life at the advice of my MS neuro.

Sending a prayer for you -- thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments, I appreciate your encouragement :)

Check out Yoga or even Tai Chi -- both are great options for flexibility and some movement. We need to combat stiffness the best we can. Peace!


Blinders Off said...


When MS get me to the point to where I cannot function, the Wonder Juice works its magic. I love it when it last for months. Good news I have not had to be juiced up since May 2007. I hope that this will be the only time I have to do it this year. To help combat the severe spasticity I am starting Zanaflex again. It worked in the past, but sometimes I just get tired of taking pills and I stop. I need to stop doing that and keep taking the daily pills that works for me now.

I should be happy that I am now down to four daily prescriptions and the rest are now as needed.

Copaxone is working wonders for me too, my MRI's has been stabled since I been using Copaxone (going on 4 years, I only had one slight change in a MRI reading. What I do not like about Copaxone is the daily shots and I pray to God I never experience another rare reaction we can get from Copaxone (IRPR I have a post about it in archives). If I ever experience that again, I am coming off Copaxone.

Ditto on how I feel about your comments on my blog.


I hate it when my taste buds go from the Soly...mainly because I enjoy EATING so much!

Good luck to you on your one dose draw...I hope it does the trick. Or, as my friends say, "If it didn't kill you, it must have been OK"...out of the mouth of babbling idiots. :)

Linda D. in Seattle

Blinders Off said...


The taste bug returned just in time. I was in need of my caffeine (Pepsi) for the day. It was about to get ugly and I have the nerves to talk about people who cannot get their day started until they have their first drink of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I am surprised you feel so positive about Solu-Medrol. I guess I am just super-sensitive to it because, honestly, it makes me feel like crap. Regarding the metallic taste, what has always helped me is chewing pieces of sugar-free mint-flavored gum while I am getting the infusion. (Orbit works great). I find that, as long as I chew gum, the bitter taste is barely noticeable.

Blinders Off said...


I will try the Orbit sugar free mint next time. I usually eat on pickles or pepermints and still have to wait a few hours before my taste bug come back.

Solu-medrol might be different next time you have it. It is like a box of cracker jacks, you never know how you are going to feel afterwards.