Friday, August 29, 2008

Feel Good Sunday Coming At You Early

Because of the Holiday and my BABY is coming home. I am posting my Feel Good Sunday Post today.

ENJOY your Holiday and be SAFE


Are You Willing To Donate Your Brain Tissue For Research

Hmmm, I do not completely trust the National Data MS Registry Act. Lisa E. of Brass and Ivory goes into details about the National Data MS Registry Act. Is this the beginning of our government keeping track of individuals based on the disease they live with? I do not see the relevance of keeping surveillance on people living with MS will bring about a possible cure. I do know because of ones medical record that is compiled as a credit report can prevent you from getting life insurance. It happened to me when I sought to buy another policy. Had I not had life insurance already I would not have any today and that is why I advice any young person to seek outside life insurance from your job because you never know what life will throw at you.

Now, researchers need brain tissue and spinal fluid from MS’ers because it has the potential to tell us more about MS. Are you willing to leave brain tissue for research? I asked myself that since I read about researchers needing brain tissue from my local MS Chapter September newsletter. After pondering if, I want to donate a piece of my brain for research. I decided I would leave a little piece of my brain tissue and some spinal fluid for science. I want to do this for my daughters, their children, and other family members. Furthermore, I would be gone and why not help scientist understand MS and help further their research in finding a cure for MS.

MS could be genetic and if leaving a piece of my brain and some spinal fluid can possibly help scientist learn more about MS and hopefully one day find a cure from the research than I am all for it. I do not wish living with MS on anyone. It is bad enough dealing with RRMS and not knowing the day when MS go into the SPMS.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Witnessing History

To witness the nomination of Barack Obama an African American for President of the United States and to hear him speak tonight words cannot describe how I feel. For this to happen on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream" speech” is priceless.



Monday, August 25, 2008

Kellogg's Quick Response

I did not expect to receive a response so soon from Kellogg's. I feel a lot better knowing the black embedded spot inside the cream of my cookie was not an insect. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ RESPONSE

I was satisfied with the two free coupons I received when they sent me the packaging to return the tainted cookie. I feel confident I can go back to buying their high quality products because it was only one cookie that had a black embedded spot. I also appreciate them sending me two more coupons and two DVD's City Slickers and Anna and the King. They are two good picks because I am a fan of Jodie Foster and Billy Crystal...How did they know? :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feel Good Sunday


Do you believe in karma?

A month ago, my husband found someone's PDA at the service station and brought it home. I told him, "That thing could hold someone's hold life in it. We need to find out who it belongs to". He said, "I am not going to go through the trouble of finding out who this belong to". I asked, "What are you going to do with it". He said, "Nothing". I told him, "I was going to find out who it belongs to and call them". "Do what you want", was his reply.

For the world of me, I could not figure out how to operate the phone or anything else on the PDA. I eventually gave up and kept it near me in the case someone calls the number. I figured someone would eventually call. A few hours later that day someone finally called, but I could not figure out how to answer it. I figured how to answer the phone around the fourth time the phone ranged. I hurried up and said, "Don't hang up my husband found this phone and I am trying to find out who it belongs to". The woman on the other end said, "It's my boyfriend phone that is why I kept calling hoping someone would answer".

She was excited someone not looking to keep it found the PDA and I met them in a public place to return it. The man who owned the PDA said, "Thank you so much, you have no idea how you saved my life". I laughed and told him, "I told my husband someone life is probably stored in that".

Who would have known a month later, I would loose my prescription eyeglasses and wallet. That is what happened Friday. I did not realize I had lost my glasses and wallet until I came home an hour later. I took off my prescription sunglasses and reached into my purse for my eyeglasses, only to discover they were not in there. I dumped my whole purse and began to panic when I realized they were gone. I went and searched inside my car, thinking maybe that they dropped out of my purse. Nothing, thankfully, I only went to two places while I was out. I discovered where I left my eyeglasses after calling the establishments I had been.

I immediately went to retrieve my eyeglasses and got the shock of my life. He also handed me my wallet, I had no idea I did not have my wallet. He told me two different people turned both into him. I checked my wallet and everything was still in it, I thanked God and immediately thought about my good deed of making sure I found the owner of the PDA my husband found a month ago.

What bothered me was I could not recall how I could have lost my eyeglasses and wallet. I finally stopped stressing about how I could have lost something so important because it was driving is starting to drive me while I am typing this, but I am letting go. The important thing is that I have them both and because I did a good deed a month ago, yesterday a good deed was returned to me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It is About to Get Dirty


I removed the original post because I noticed new wondering eyes to my blog from my city. This post would have revealed the identity of one of my sources and to leave it up would be irresponsible of me.


The Wait Is Finally Over

My Cervical Spine

I can now breathe a sigh of relief; I was putting off going for an MRI of my cervical post-spine and thoracic-spine because I did not want to know if lesions formed on my spine. I received the results of my and MRI and I ecstatic that I do not have any lesions and I have no sign of arthritis.

The right half of my body is slowly connecting back to the left half of my body. I am convinced my body split in half because of the stress behind the death of my mother-in-law and the extreme heat. Although I believed stress and heat was the cause of my body splitting in half. My doctor did the right thing having me take an MRI to rule out the possibility of my MS advancing to my spine. I now have a peace of mind when I suffer pain surrounding my spine area that I do not have any lesions and it is just the symptoms of MS kicking my ass for not keeping my stress in check and being in the heat too long.

My Thoracic-Spine

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Feel Good Sunday Is Dedicated To My Fellow MS Bloggers Who Are Going Through Some Tough Physical Symptoms Right Now



Oh broken promises
And shattered dreams
No hope it seems
Still I believe
That I can make it
By faith I am leading
The King and I
I will survive
And I know I can make it

I can make it
Through the sun shining rain
Make it through my sickness and pain
Make it when they scandalize my name
Make it just as long as the Lord is on my side
Everything I know will be alright
I can make, make it

Out in the cold,
No place to go
Still there is hope
Where the doors are closed
That I, I can make it

I can make it
You can make when mother is gone
Make it
Sometime you may feel like you're all alone
Make it
You don't have nobody to depend on
Make it
Always remember God is still on the throne
I can make it
The enemy wants all of us to fail
Make it
But God is gonna make us the head and not the tail
Make it
All you gotta do is make up in your mind to make it
Make it
You can make it

Just as long as the Lord
Just as long as the Lord
Is on my side
The Lord is on my side
Everything I know
Everything I know
Will be alright
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright
Just as long as that Lord
Just as long as that Lord, yes
Is on my side
Is walking right by my side
Everything I know
Everything that I know, yes I know
Will be alright
It's gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright, hey

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not So Delightful

I just ended my call with a Kellogg CSR this morning about my experience last night with one of my favorite Keebler brand cookies “Dipping Delights Cheesecake Sandwich Cookies”. Last night I had a sweet craving and I went and opened my newly purchased bag of Dipping Delights. I joyfully pulled out three sandwich cookies to devour.

I have a ritual when I eat sandwich cookies; I open the cookie and eat the side without cream first then slowly eat the creamed side. I was in heaven enjoying the taste of my Keebler cookie until I opened the third sandwich cookie.

At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw a black spot in the cream of my cookie. I pulled my eyeglasses off and closely looked to see if it was something stirred in the cream. I was sick to my stomach when I realized it was something embedded in the cream. It was horrifying wondering about the first two cookies I consumed that I vomit my stomach contents.

I could not let this go, I decided first I was going to call Kellogg Monday morning and I was going to return the bag back to the Commissary where I purchased it for a full refund on Tuesday because they are closed on Monday. The first thing the Kellogg CSR offered was replacement coupons; I really did not give a damn about replacement coupons. I told her, “I would not be purchasing Dipping Delights again after that experience.” As if I really cared, she informed me the coupons were good for any Keebler product. “The purpose of me calling is to inform Kellogg of what I saw in my cookie and I really did not care about the replacement coupons, I plan to take it back to the commissary where I purchased it to let them see what was in the cookie.” She offered, "You could return the cookie back to Kellogg and we will analyze what it is in the cookie and we will send you a report."

I did not see any harm in that because if I take the bag of cookies back to the store they would just refund my money and I would never know what it is in the tainted cookie. I also thought it was best to send it back to them so they could investigate what it is and check out the conditions of the plant it came from. In my mind, what if someone does not open his or her sandwich cookies as I do and ingest a cookie with what I found inside of mine.

I told the CSR that I plan to blog about my experience with their cookie. She asked, “Are you seeking something.” I replied, “What do you mean am I seeking something.” She responded, “Do you plan to take this further.” Oh, now I know what she was thinking. I said, “If I was seeking something I would not have called Kellogg, I am taking you at your word that Kellogg will analyze what is in the cookie I am returning and send me an honest report. Yes, I was horrified when I saw the black spot in the cream of my cooking and it made me sick to my stomach knowing I ate two cookies before that discovery. I plan to blog about it because it happened to me and I will never eat another Dipping Delight Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookie.”

IMO, everything thing is not a lawsuit, it is irresponsible to not report what I found in my cookie. What if after Kellogg does their analysis of what was in my cookie and found it could be harmful to others. The responsible thing for Kellogg to do is recall that batch of cookies. If I discovered it in my bag it is possible that batch of cookie from the plant where it was made could have some serious quality control problems and what I found in my cookie could be lurking in other packages.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rest In Peace Isaac Hayes

Heaven called home two talented souls this weekend. Memphis is singing the blues with the lost of Isaac Hayes. Below are my favorite songs by Isaac Hayes…

Walk On By


By The Time I Get To Phoenix

I Stand Accused

Feel Good Sunday

Join me in putting up a Feel Good Sunday music video, website link, poem, or story.

Time to start our week FEELING GOOD…ENJOY


Those of you who been reading my blog for a while may recall a few post I posted about what I do in my community. I revealed a threatening incident against me, but as I thought about it. My blog is about living with ms and what I do to keep the Mayor office of my town accountable did not belong on my blog.

Well, it is heating up again because we are in an election year and I have given my four-year report card that is not in the best interest of the incumbent that is reported in the inaugural issue of my monthly Did-U-Know Newsletter. Therefore, my posting will not be as regular as it use to be, but I will try to put something up once a week. I will be back on my blog posting regular again after the election and I will make my rounds on the blogosphere when time allows it.


Blindersoff aka Debra

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Heaven Is Laughing

I knew he was ill, but I did not now from what. I was devastated to hear The Mac Man died this morning. I did not believe it at first because it was rumored last week he had died. Unfortunately, today was not a rumor and to learn he was ill with the same disease my friend had made my day gloomier.

Bernie you were called home too soon…Rest In Peace Mac Man

One of the Original Kings of Comedy