Monday, February 8, 2010

Waking Up To Snow

Shelly and I was both surprise to see this at 5:30 this morning as I was letting her out to take care of business. During the weather section of the news last night, there was not one word of us getting 3-5 inches of SNOW. They were too busy telling us about what was going to happen in Missouri. To make matters worse after the snow we are suppose to get some freezing rain. Lord I hope not, we just went through that a week ago. I will take SNOW ove FREEZING RAIN any day.

West Tennesse is not use to 3-5 inches of snow, I guess I will take advantage of it and take some pictures of how beautiful snow is before the traffic and people start moving about.


I am not bad at taking pictures, I spot a Robin in the tree and another bird birched on a utility wire. Bad news is we are getting some more snow the next several days...I thought I left this kind of weather up North :(

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

Sorry I have been gone awhile, but I have been very busy working hard with a non-profit I am very passionate about. It feels GREAT to believe in a vision, dedicate my time to cultivate programs and watch that vision come to fruition.

Our vision is that all children can develop and/or improve communication, public speaking and leadership skills; develop and/or improve self-esteem and self-confidence; and learn discipline by embracing the cultural arts.

Click and visit our website and read about the wonderful program we started in September and to keep up with future programs we will be doing. While I am at do not hesitate to become a FAN of Friendship Safehaven on Face Book. Also, I am not too proud to beg if you believe in what we are doing and can spare a few dollars, click on our donate tab to help us continue offering what we are doing for our young people FREE OF CHARGE.


I have not stopped, but I have cut down please give me a little credit. The desire is there in my heart to stop, being honest to myself I do not want to stop completely. As one of my good virtual friend Black Diaspora said to me, "Once you make up your MIND to never pick up another cigarette that is when you will stop smoking." Your prayers were not in vain...I will stop smoking completely VERY SOON.