Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Give Me a Reason to Drop You...

The private health insurance my husband pay to insure his family took care of all of our medical needs. The co-pays to the doctor office, specialist, hospital, prescription were affordable. Then unexpectedly I received a letter from the insurance company that has covered me for years stating, “If you do not pick up Medicare we will no longer cover you”. What the hell, I was dumbfounded to receive the letter. I told my husband I believe because of the high cost of my medication to slow the progression of MS and the other medications I have to take because of MS. Our insurance company was going to find a reason to drop me.

Of course, I did what I was told because I did not want to be dropped from one of the best insurance company in the US (in my opinion)… It has been a nightmare having Medicare as my primary. The insurance I was use to having became my secondary, thank God they continue to pay for my prescriptions. With the way Medicare is setup, I wonder what the Universal Plan will be like that our Government is seeking to establish. I am sure it is going to be a hot mess once a plan is presented and I also think it will cause me more grieve…I pay three times more a month for Medicare than my husband by for our other insurance.

My second bitch is about Auto Insurance. I have been driving for 30 years and NEVER had an accident until last month. I damaged my passenger side front fender as I was pulling out of my garage. Can you believe that I was damn near out of the garage? Any who, I immediately took my car to a body shop hoping all that was wrong was to remove the paint from my garage that was on my car. The paint on my car was chipped off and I had a dent in the fender. The cost was over a thousand dollars, why pay over a thousand dollars when my deductible is only $250.00. That was a no brainer to call my auto insurance company and file a claim.

I called to make a claim and after giving the specifics to the customer service rep, the rep said the following to me, “Your insurance rate will probably go up because this is consider an at fault accident”. I was speechless, when I was able to find my voice, I asked, “Why would my premium go up, I have never had an accident, this is my very first claim since I have been carrying insurance, therefore why and the hell would my premium go up”. The CSR was just doing his job, he said, “It is the company policy to inform a customer it is a possibility their rates will go up if they are at fault”.

There was no need for me to be angry with him, but I damn sure became angry at the system once again. There is so much wrong with this country, but I hope the also put regulating the Insurance Industry on their agenda soon.


Diane J Standiford said...

AAARRRGGGHH. Ins. CEO's must golf and lunch w/ med and auto. How nice for them. Grrrr

Blinders Off said...

It is no secrect that most business deals are made on the golf course.