Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tysabri Q & A by Lauren P.

is the first person with Multiple Sclerosis that visit and commented on my blog. Lauren is an inspiration to me. She has been living with MS longer than I have and to watch her video being self efficient calmed my fear when or if MS force me into a wheelchair.

Today Lauren is an advocate for Tysabri and through her, I keep up with how Tysabri is working for her and others for the day I decide to use Tysabri. Yes, I am a coward when it comes to Tysabri. I am still afraid of taking Tysabri because of the risk of PML and how it came on the market. After visiting her site today and watching (another young woman by the same name Lauren) she has inspired, who is taking Tysabri, I decided to start weekly YouTube post from people living with MS.

Q & A Part 1

Q & A Part 2


Merelyme said...

i am not on any medications so far. tysabri does scare me...and i can't afford it as well. but i am interested in learning all i can for when i am ready to take something. thanks for posting this.

squiffy2 said...

Hi, I am the webmaster for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre - MSRC - and Lauren and an increasing number of other MSers on Tysabri have joined our Tysabri Users Panel, where they provide monthly updates on their progress with Tysabri.

If you and others are interested in following these please feel fee to have alook at the pages at

kind regards

MSRC Webmaster

Blinders Off said...


I take the daily injections because in some small way I believe it is slowing the progression of MS.

The ABC's and Tysabri are expensive...there is help to offset the cost for those who need it. Think about one of the therapies soon before the onset of a permanent lost that is possible with MS.


Thanks, I will bookmark that because I am interesting in how Tysabri is working for others.