Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Danger Of A Second Life

I enjoy watching all the CSI shows and cop shows such as The Next 48 hours, Lock Up, and Inside America Jails as an example. Blame it on my experience working with law enforcement for several years. If it were not for DVR technology, I would be an overweight couch potato watching my favorite law enforcement series. Getting back to why I am posting about Second Life.

A few months ago, CSI New York had an episode of catching a murderer by entering the world of Second Life. It was one of their most intriguing episodes, avatar characters being murdered in the real world. The episode intrigued me so much that I went on line to see what the Second Life World was all about, I was tempted to create myself an avatar. Of course, I would create myself as a sexy young woman who does not live with multiple sclerosis.

As I flirted with temptation to join the Second Life World, reality of there are serious psychopaths in the world prevented me from doing so. I also thought about how a person could become emotional addicted and the psychological affect of living as an avatar in a virtual world. In the end, I decided it was dangerous to flirt with creating an imaginary life. There is some truth in art imitating life and life imitating art.

I was right about the danger and psychological affect of joining Second Life. This morning on CBS Up To The Minute News, they had a story about a single nurse who joined Second Life a year ago. In the world of Second Life, there are 500,000 active members. Linda whose avatar character name is Cala, a sexy, curvy red head met the man of her dreams in the world of Second Life. They became engaged in this virtual world after a four-month courtship. Linda/Cala said in the interview that when Richie (her virtual world boyfriend) proposed to her it felt like a real life proposal. They are now married in the world of Second Life; they had a fantasy wedding including the minister, bridesmaid, groomsmen, cake, reception, and honeymoon.

She stated in her interview with the journalist it started as a game, but they both admit they have fallen in love for real. The flip side of the fantasy is Linda/Cala virtual husband Richie is married in real life. His real life wife doesn’t know about Second Life nor that he is married in the virtual world of Second Life. The reporter in real life would not interview Richie because he did not want to be interviewed in real life, but he did agree to talk to her in Second Life. The reporter created an avatar for herself and entered the virtual world of Second Life to interview Richie at his Second Life home he shares with Linda/Cala.

The reporter asks him if he feels as if he is cheating on his wife, his response was, “I suppose its cheating in a way, but it’s a meeting of minds not bodies”. He also admitted to the reporter that his Second Life marriage is stronger than his real life marriage. I agree with the psychologist interviewed for the story, there is no if and buts about it he is cheating on his real life wife. I am going a step further and say that Linda/Cala is being a home wrecker and Richie is committing adultery. Just because there is no real touching in this virtual world there is emotional bonding and sex between the avatars in their virtual world.

They both say they have no plans in meeting in real life, but Linda is having second thoughts of being single in real life. They both need to give me a break…there is some psychological issues going on with both of them. Linda/Cala need to look for a man in the real world and Richie who feels his virtual marriage to Cala is stronger with the one he have in real life needs to work on his real life marriage or get a divorce and move on. He is being unfair to his real life wife no matter how he tries to justify his Second Life adventure.


mdmhvonpa said...

Murder by Second Life .... Ummm, put down the remote/keyboard ... step AWAY from the monitor mam. It's going to be ok ... we are here to help ...

Stuart said...

I wonder if you could send an email directly to me as I would liek to discuss MS Related items with you. Lauren gave me the "D" which is why I wrote it.
By the way, I too had seen that CSI New York show and also tried the Second Life thing. When seeing how involved "one" needed to be, I stepped away from it..... Much safer places to go, when trying to get involved with someone.
Well, I hope to hear back from you.
Stuart -

Blinders Off said...


When I saw the news story on
Second Life this morning I couldn't help myself.

Is there a rehap program for addiction to law enforcement series? :)

Blinders Off said...


It's good to know I wasn't the only one intrigue with that particular CSI NY storyline and had the good sense not to create a second life.

I will be in touch today.


Hmmm...I am also a closet addict to behavioral/deviant behavior shows. So I guess most crime shows fit this profile.

But I have enough trouble just living in THIS life, let alone a virtual world! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Michelle said...

Wow. I had seen an episode of SVU with virtual worlds, but not about this Second Life. I admit that I need the internet for connection to the outside world, but it's a world of real people in real lives that are communicating through the internet, not a virtual world or virtual lives doing the nasty while obviously ignoring their real lives and the people that populate them. Says something about our society. Something very sad. I'm Michelle. I live in the real world with a real disease and I survive by being creative. As painful as it is, I'll still take real living to virtual living any day. Michelle Brain Angles

Diane J Standiford said...

Wow, who knew? I can go be MS free?
I can be 6'2"? If I wasn't already living my dream life, maybe. Having seen all the old Star Treks, I KNOW nothing worth having comes easy.The players have changed the venue, but this game is a old as the hills. The grass is always greener,yada yada yada.

loveinst.louis-whynita said...

i feel your pain even throw i don't have ms i love you dearly and you are always in my payers i'm dealing with a lot my self and really don't have no one to talk with about my problem but i thank GOD for you and the words of incouragement that you share with me

Blinders Off said...


Good to know I am not the only one.

Blinders Off said...


That is why I think Second Life is dangerous and people need to think before entering that world. I am with you..I will take the real world with all it's craziness anyday over Second Life.

Blinders Off said...


MS sucks, but your right I too am happy with my life and I am not one to venture on the other side of the grass. Nothing good ever comes of it.

Blinders Off said...


I am sooo happy you dropped me a note on my blog. As you know I have nothing but LOVE for you and I am here for you while you battle the illness you are now living with.

Jimmy loof said...

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