Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Been Too Long...

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Well, I did not bounce back quickly after taking that dreadful 3-point flu shot with H1N1 being one of the components. I was literally out of commission for 32 days ironically multiple sclerosis was not the reason why. I will NOT take another flu shot if H1N1 is one of the components. With that said, let tell you what the two doctors I see the most, my primary care and my neurologist think about this year flu shot.

My neurologist does not believe the flu shot caused me so much suffering for thirty-two days. My primary care does believe the flu shot caused my distress because of the H1N1 and my immune system already compromised having MS. Hmm, now whom do you think I trust the most, and I am beginning to question my neurologist for refusing to believe the H1N1 component in this year flu shot could cause distress for MS patients.

It has been since my last post that I have taken a Copaxone shot, the way I was feeling taking a daily shot was the last thing on my mind. When I began feeling better, the thought of sticking myself again everyday kept me from doing what I know
I need to do. After, organizing my medical records last night into one large binder, I could not help but read my history.

I know I complained about Copaxone when I experience an IPIR. However, I honestly believe Copaxone has slowed the progression of my MS according to my MRI reports since 2003 to the present. BELIEVING is what gives us HOPE and keep us MOVING. Therefore, as of December 01, 2010, I will be taking my Copaxone injections again, and I will try my best not to stay off course as long as I did this time.

Finally, I have a problem with the CDC deciding to include H1N1 into this year infulenza shots leaving us without a choice. The H1N1 vaccine was rushed because of an outbreak of the swine flu and a fear of a pandemic. As far as I am concern the H1N1 was UNTESTED because it was rushed in the hopes of preventing a pandemic; UNTRIED because a mass amount of people refused the vaccine during the outbreak; and EXPERIMENTAL because it was mandated into this year influenza vaccine.