Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moving On...

I do believe I would make an excellent Alderman here in my city. I had several people call me, on the day an Aldermen died strongly suggesting I submit my name to fill his seat until the elections later this year. I told supporters who want me to run for aldermen that I am still on the fence about an elective office.

Many times, I am lead by my heart and one day this week after saying my prayers. I was lead to write a letter of interest to fill the vacancy on the board because of the sudden death of a very good alderman. I fought with myself to send the letter of interest because I know I would not be considered, but I did what I was lead to do and sent it.

The reason I know why I would not be considered is that for years I have been very opinionated before the board mainly about the police and developers. I also will not be considered because I am a FAIR person, I will always side on what is right and a person like me do not make it far in politics. Finally, the main reason why I will not be considered is that I am female and black. I would be the first black person to seat on the board in this city history.

With all that said, I was seriously considering running for the elective seat this year. I have black, white, well off, and poor supporters who are encouraging me to run because they know I am a fair person. My husband and children are my biggest supporters because they know it is my passion to help others and do not look for nothing in return.

I know I am going to disappoint many people. Politics is downright dirty and I do not have the luxury of health to do battle just to win an elective seat. My health would not prevent me from doing a good job. I also do not think my health can take the stress of campaigning if it becomes dirty. The position of Aldermen in my city pays $300.00 a month and I have no problem with that because for me it is not about the money. For others who play dirty to sit on a board it for reason that makes politics dirty.

Therefore, I am sure some who are sitting on that board including the Mayor will be relieved when they find out I will not be running. I wish I were a fly on the wall when they received my letter of interest. I can image the looks on some of their faces wondering which one of them I was going to oppose this year.

The way I feel right now I am tired of it ALL. Politics bring out the worse in people. Why that is I do not know, I am tired, I give up and I quit? I need to stop worrying and fighting for the under dog it is a thankless and unappreciative job. From this moment on, I am going to try to suppress my passion of helping others. My immediate world is fine, I need to learn how to not worry about others and only get involved if it personally affects me.


I received a call from one of the Aldermen that received my letter of interest. It was very interesting, if he knew about my blog he would have had an answer to his subtle inquiry. Let the fun begin, but without me...I wonder if I should have told him I know who is going to challenge him. Naw, he will find out soon enough.


It felt good visiting my fellow MS'ers blogs today and staying away from the political blogs.

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