Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Intimidator

I was fortunate to have been born with perfect straight teeth. Over the years, every Dentist I had always complimented me on my perfect teeth. Going to the Dentist office never intimidated me until 2002. Yes, you guessed it, I had not one but three cavities, I was so scared to get my cavity filled I must have cancelled my appointment ten times before I actually went in to have it fill. My Dentist had to prescribe me a couple of Valiums to take before my appointment. My first doctor appointment out of all the doctor appointments I have the next several days was the Dentist for a cleaning. About two weeks ago, I was on a milk duds binge and one day the soft chocolate caramel stuck onto the side of my upper back tooth. Pain start radiating from that tooth and I thought to myself, “$&*%, I must have a cavity”. I immediately had a post-traumatic stress moment back to 2002.

Like a little kid, I was wishing it away and I start eating on the other side of my mouth. Well, come to find out I DID NOT have a cavity. Because of AGE, my teeth are more sensitivity and in the tooth where I had the pain the root is expose. I asked, “What do you mean my root is exposed”. She gave me a name for, but my memory is not worth a dime if I do not write it down. She also said, “You know it comes with age”. Age is the excuse for a lot when your body changes, it was bad enough when Age cause my nice round butt to go south. Then caused me to go from wearing single lenses to a very low bifocal lenses. Well, the good news is I do not have a cavity, I can possibly correct my expose root, and sensitive teeth by changing my toothpaste brand.

My Dentist gave me a sample of Sensodyne and recommended I start using it over the brand I have been using for years.Sensodyne coax the minerals in your saliva to crystallize and cover the pores in your exposed roots so that cold stimuli cannot reach the tooth nerve. I should be complaining that I now have to pay $5.69 for a tube of Sensodyne, but t beats not having to have a cavity fill.

Overall the first of many doctors’ appointments went well :)



That's great that the dentist didn't say - ROOT CANAL. Now that would scare me.

mdmhvonpa said...

Ahhh, yes. The GRINDING PAIN of oral prodding in sensitive areas. GHA! I recall getting half of my front tooth knocked in when I was a youngster. Pain Incarnate.

Anonymous said...

I've been using Sensodyne (or Dentquel if I can't get Sensodyne) for over 25 years due to teeth and gum sensitivity. Besides the price, the only thing bad about it (if one wants to regard it as bad) is that when I do get a toothache, the problem is farther along than regular people when they get one.

I liken it to "I feel the hurt in 5 days" when regular people feel the hurt in "5 hours".

Thank God there has been something on the market for tooth sensitivity. Because going to the dentist requires too much anti-anxiety medication just to get out the front door!

And that is in addition to my Prozac! LOL

Diane J Standiford said...

I have been blessed with strong teeth genes.My 80yr old mom has all her teeth. I have had 2 small cavities...20 years ago. had wisdom teeth removed for good measure, but I take well (knock on my wooden head)to surgeries. You are off to good start.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and liked what I read! So sorry about your teeth, but happy someone invented Sensodine. Did I read you are on Tysabri? That's a good invention as well! Love the photos and your writing. I'll be back.


Blinders Off said...

If it is not going for a routine cleaning. I go kicking and screaming to the Dentist. It is something about the tools they use to do their job :)

Thanks for the compliment, your welcome to drop in anytime.

Sensodyne users, I notice a difference already when I brush my teeth :)