Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Enough Is Enough

To keep my frustration down I am not watching Mainstream Media as I have been. My television set stayed on CNN and MSNBC when I was not watching my favorite network shows. It was bad enough knowing FOX/FAKE News (a network I never watch) was an Obama hater and made it clear they did not want to see a Black President of the United States. CNN and MSNBC have joined “F” News to destroy Barack Obama.

To watch what I once thought were credible cable news outlets have become too nauseating to continue watching on a regular basis. I would not mind it so much if they were fair about their actions. It is no secret Clinton and McCain does not come with baggage that they wish they could hide and bury forever. It is also no secret that there are white religious figures who promoted HATE.

My only hope is the intelligent thinking Americans can see through what is Mainstream Media is doing. They would have you believe that Reverend Wright was the devil and Obama is his spawn who is seeking the highest elective office in America. Rev. Wright is his own man just as Obama is his own man, but nooo the media wants to join them at the hip. Rev. Wright is speaking THRUTH about America for the most part. However, when he goes into HIS opinions of American conspiracies such as AIDS and 9-11 it is just that HIS opinions. It is WRONG of the media to link Obama and Wright as if they are Siamese twins in thoughts and beliefs.

So what if he attended his church for twenty years that does not mean he agreed with everything the Reverend believes. I disagree sometimes with what my pastor say in the pulpit and away from the pulpit, but I still attend the church. The bottom-line Pastors, Reverends, Rabies, Priests, Evangelists take your pick they are Men who preach the word from the book…they are not God. In my opinion, the majority of them will not be knocking at heavens door.

Here we are in 2008 displaying for the world to see that the United States is not united. It is hypocritical of the United States to tell other countries how to be when SHE still cannot accept a Black man to be President. I hope that by the time, my grandchildren become of age and I am alive to witness the United States living up to…

Equality, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!


Diane J Standiford said...

RIGHT ON! I hope we see it sooner than we expect. Michelle O. and Caroline Kennedy are in Indiana speaking to this issue and forcing the issue BACK to the real issues we care about.

Tim said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I find it baffeling that the media is making such a HUGE deal of Rev Wright. President Bush has montly conference calls with members of the Christian Right, which have included Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Ted Haggert. Should the media be more upset that these nuts have so much power?

You have a great blog! Thanks

Blinders Off said...


I noticed when Michelle and Obama was on Good Morning America and Meredith directed a Rev. Wright question to her, she answered, "It is time to move on". IMO...that was the right answer.

Blinders Off said...


There coverage of Wright verses the names you mention is why it is apparent there is a double standard in America. I might be naive, but I believe the actions of the MSM are so transparent that it might backfire on them.

Thanks for dropping in and you are welcome to drop in anytime even if you have an opposing view. I respect the opinions of others.