Saturday, May 10, 2008


The STORM is here and I am being washed into the Depression Tunnel faster than I can swim out of it. I tried but I cannot get out of it by myself. I need help and I am going to get it before I fall deeper in the "D" tunnel. I will be back once I put my feet back on dryer ground because...

"I Know I Can Make It."


And..."I Am Next In Line For A Miracle"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debra:

I'm so glad you were out and about visiting all our blogs the other day.

It seems to me (armchair diagnosis, LOL) that you had foreknowledge that depression was on its way, because you pulled yourself up by the bootstraps, and went out of your immediate circle to visit others and leave comments.

And to me, that shows you have what it takes to move out of the "D" tunnel.

Of course, for me, chocolate always helps!

Please have a nice Mother's Day

Diane J Standiford said...

Rise, rise, up and far away, I will help to pull you, see the sky above you, look at all the stars and know that someone there is reaching for you, just for you. Take deep breaths, hear your heart, feel the love it has to give,enough for all and YOU.