Monday, April 7, 2008

Whew, I completed the 2008 MS Walk

This year walk was fantastic…I did not let the pain I was feeling in my right leg STOP me from walking. I mustered all the energy I could retrieve, put on a smile and walked with my family, friends, and Melrose High School JROTC student volunteers, lead by 1st Sgt and my husband.

Words could not express who it felt to have all of them joining the movement because of me. I also humbly appreciate all the monetary donations made on my behalf to further research for a cure, educate the public, support for people and their family that live with ms, and most of all to be there for those who are newly diagnosis.

I will never forget the support I felt when I contacted the National Multiple Sclerosis Society when I was newly diagnosis, the “Knowledge is Power” series helped me to accept and learn how to live with MS. My commitment is to support anyone living with MS or a family member who needs to talk to someone that lived with the many challenges MS throw our way. ..I am just an email or comment away. :)

I made it as an Elite Member again this year! This year Elite shirt is shaarrp; it is cold black with the words "Join The Movement" tastefully printed across the front in white. The back of the shirt has MS printed in gray with a white slash and National Multiple Sclerosis Society Mid South Chapter printed below in white.

This picture is special to me because it is of all the people that join the movement on my behalf and it was wonderful to see the students (in orange shirts) for the first time in their lives to visit Shelby Farms (there are actual buffalos there). Many of them express to me their joy of participating and having the chance to meet so many people from different backgrounds. One actually said, "It was nice to witness an area outside of my community where I hear nothing, but gunshots. I now understand what your husband speeches are about when we are in class. I want what he talks about in class and I plan to work hard to achieve it. I feel our school has been bless when he transferred here last year."


mdmhvonpa said...

Sounds like you had a fairly fantastic time!

Blinders Off said...

I DID! I wish the day had never ended.

Diane J Standiford said...

How wonderful. What a handsome husband you have---such nice photos, thanks for walking and sharing.

Diane J Standiford said...

Baby looks tuckered out...too sweet.

Blinders Off said...


He is not tuckered out, he got an attitude because he could not play with the band horns.