Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Is Multiple Sclerosis

Recently someone said to me, "I didn't know black people could get multiple sclerosis". I looked at that person with a WTF look on my face wondering where the hell they have been living. Then I realized many African Americans are not aware of multiple sclerosis. My first response was multiple sclerosis doesn’t discriminate and I went on to explain how multiple sclerosis affects the body. To make a long story short the individual was concern enough to make an appointment with a neurologist to rule out MS when she recognized herself with my story of my journey finding out I had multiple sclerosis.

Here is an excellent visualization explaining multiple sclerosis. It mentioned numbness and tingling, but forgot to mentioned the PAIN multiple sclerosis can cause.


mdmhvonpa said...

WHAT!? I mean ... cripes. At least four MASSIVELY famous ppl who are black have/had it.

1 actress: Lena Horne
1 comedian : Richard Pryor
1 talk show host : Montel Williams
1 fashion model : Tamara Dobson
(okay, I never heard of that last woman)

What cave was this poor woman living in!?

Blinders Off said...


I don't know where she's been. I know when I was first told I had MS; Richard Pryor came into my mind. Richard Pryor was the most famous person living with MS. Many people do/did not know Lena Horne was afflicted with MS, but Montel has been vocal and visible since he has been diagnosed with MS.

The MS society is trying to bring more awareness in the African American community about MS. There was a good article written in “Inside MS” this year about AA’s and MS. Many people also get Multiple Sclerosis confused with Jerry Lewis annual September telethon for Muscular Dystrophy.

Blinders Off said...


I meant to say Lola Falana (known mostly for her dancing) not Lena Horne has MS. It is news to me if Lena Horne has MS.

frede said...

Actually, Multiple Sclerosis is extremely rare in black people in Africa, though it`s much more common in blacks living in North America. Here is an interesting medical journal article on the phenomenon

Blinders Off said...


I am the first in my family to be diagnosis with MS. I read the article, thanks for providing the link.

Anonymous said...

The singer Tamia as MS and has spoken openly about her diagnosis and hows shes coping living with it.

Blinders Off said...


was disappointed when Tamia publicly stated she was cured from MS, when there is no cure. I was pleased she acknowledge she was not that knowledgable when she was first told, but she educated herself and she is now a good spokesperson about MS.