Friday, October 12, 2007

Nerve Pain Is Different

In the beginning it was hard for me to distinguish my pain because I experience pain in the joints, muscle, and nerves. All I knew was I was in pain and I wanted it to stop. Now that I know how to distinguish my pain, I know what pain medication works for me which is Cymbalta for my nerve pain and the Duragesic patch for my joint and muscle pain.

The following is an article from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Mid South Chapter newsletter called the Connection. It is about nerve pain and I can vouch for Cymbalta when it comes to nerve pain it is also an anti-depressant. That’s one capsule that attacks two symptoms of MS and I highly recommend it over Neurontin. Why take three Neurontins a day that only helps with nerve pain when you can take one Cymbalta that helps with nerve pain and depression?

All pain is transmitted by nerves, but nerve pain is different. "Phantom limb pain" is a vivid example of "neuropathic" or nerve pain. This type of pain originates in the central nervous system in injured nerve pathways, not in the bones or muscles. A person with phantom limb pain feels pain in a body part that was amputated in the past.

MS lesions can injure nerve pathways and produce neuropathic pain - or unpleasant sensations called dysethesias (or "di-es-THESE-ee-ahs"). The burning, aching, stabbing, prickling, or itching may start and stop or drag on. MS lesions may also cause "allodynia" (Al-oh-DIN-ee-ah") - which is pain from something that shouldn't be painful. A soft touch, the weight of bed covers; even a cool breeze can be the trigger.

Neuropathic pain is not soothed by the over-the-counter medications that work on muscle pain. Even powerful prescription medications such as Percocet, Lortab, Oxycontin, or Darvocet are not effective for this kind of pain.

Instead, physicians need to prescribe medications that work on nerves. They may be anti-convulsants (such as Tegretol, Dilantin, or Neurontin), antidepressants (such as Elavil), or new drugs approved for diabetic pain (such as Lyrica or Cymbalta). It's not uncommon to try out several drugs to find what works best.


mdmhvonpa said...

Indeed! I run into this quite often with migraines ... you take traditional pain abatements only to find that your efforts are misguided. My MS pain ... alas, is inconsolable even at the bottom of a gin bottle.

Blinders Off said...

Maybe you should try a shot of Jose Cuervo every now and then. The little devil in me push me there every blue moon and it's the only spirit that works for me without having complications because of the med. :)

I hope you enjoyed your vacation, I now I did when during my virtual trip.

@GNN said...

Thank you this has been most helpful in distinguishing pain - I also have nerve, muscle and joint pain but not MS I have SS (Sjogren's syndrome) which can be similar but with dryness symptoms

Blinders Off said...


Wow, I learn something new everyday. I went to your sight and Sjogren's Syndrome mimicks MS in many ways. I guess its because both are auto immune diseases. I am going to link the address you posted on the sidebar.

Thanks for sharing

The Jones Family said...

Although I think a diagnosis is soon coming, I am still in the "not sure what I have" stage. I was put on gabapentin for my nerve pain and had a horrible reaction which was mistaken as sickness, so we tried it again with much the same effect. No I am taking cymbalta for my nerve pain and detrol for bladder issues. Things are better, but I still experience some pain. My doctor has me taking Lortab when the pain gets to be too much, but after reading your blog and other info, I will be talking to him about another pain med, as it often doesn't work on the pain. It doesn't take away the pain, it just makes me not care! Thank you for your blog and sharing what you have found!

Susan said...

I have Progressive MS. I am glad someone else said that the Percoset,oxycotton and other types of these drugs do not work. I thought is was just me. I will say that I have been on both Lyrica and Cymbalta and neither one works. I kept thinking that maybe my baclofen pump was not hooked up right, but have been reassured it has. My neuro. is having me take Sevalla (which is for Fibromyalgia. Anyone else taking? Pain is terrible. Muscle tightness pain, pain, burning in feet and also feel cold when they are not.

Blinders Off said...


I never heard of Sevalla, I will have to look into that. I know another MS'er who decided to get the baclofen pump and after hearing what he goes through with the pump. I am going to stay away from the pump as long as I can.

Living with pain is terrible and difficult to live with. The only thing we can do is keep a positive attitude. I been away from blogging for over a month because of my pain. This might sound crazy, but it seems to work, I found a way to embrace my pain. I plan to talk about that the next time I post.

Michelle said...

Many MS patients, especially in the early stages, find relief and successful management (though not cures) with chiropractic treatment. Clinical and case reseach has demonstrated safe co-management of MS with your primary care physcian. Just an coping idea for yourself or family member suffering through MS.

Good luck and health- Dr. Michelle

Susan said...

My neuro just told me about a test where the veins are so small in the neck that could cause the pain in the legs. It's called a "Extracrartial Cerebrovascular Venus Ultrasound.

KrishaLiva said...

Yeah! I agree with you there, Nerve pain is different. "Neuropathic pain is not soothed by the over-the-counter medications that work on muscle pain." I think if you have experience this kind of pain you better go to Neurology. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward for your next post.

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Chelsey said...

I like your post and everything you share with us is current and very informative.
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Cherry Hill Bakery said...

The comments from this article are so helpful. I am so glad that someone commented on the fact that even Narcotics don't even help with nerve pain. The pain is sooo bad at times. I have a Baclofen Pump, which doesn't help anymore. The swelling in my legs is so bad that they have me on Potassium pills and Lasix. My Blood Pressure was 168/106. The pills seem to be helping, but if it's one thing it's another! Wnen will they find a cure/

Unknown said...

Thank you for this blog
I have had ms for almost 30 years but the last 10 years I have had more flare up than new exacerbation but the nerve pain description you wrote about the bed covers and a cool breeze causing such terrible pain was bittersweet that there was someone else who had the same symptoms..
Narco is the only thing I have found to dull the pain and I have tried cymbalta neuron tin and a dozen more that I can no longer keep track of
Thank you for this ... It has helpedme get through a long day of work

Robert said...

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Bonnie Burnet said...

I have MS. I was doing quite well until a week ago. I had some partial leg spacicity and zapping, but could walk with a cane. I tried gabapentin, which did not work and made my ankles swell. My GP upped the dose to 400 mg just over a week ago, and now the pain and parathesias are much worse, plus I am feeling despair, anxiety, and depression that is scaring me. I am praying that Cymbalta will help me. I need to get off neurontin.

Bonnie Burnet said...

I meant that I need to get of Nucynta, not Neurontin.

Blinders Off said...


It has been awhile since I posted or commented on this site. However, I could not respond to your comment. Cymbalta definitely works for me and I pray it will work for you. I use to take 60mg a day now I take 20mg a day. I use to take Neurotin and Gapapentin that did not help my nerve pain. Cymbalta, not only helped with my nerve pain it helped me with MS depression too.

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