Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Super Bowl Here We Come

The Associated Press said it best "The unflappable Romo overcame five interceptions and a lost fumble to lead two last-minute drives, and rookie Nick Folk kicked a 53-yard field goal as time expired, giving the Dallas Cowboys an improbable 25-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Monday night". Sorry Bills I know that was a hard loss.

I can't wait for Sunday mega match up against the New England Patriots.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what was wrong with my blog, but it froze on me too when I published comments.

So, I deleted it all and created a new one using all the same attributes, texts, colors, etc. I had to add in all my links again since none of that stuff goes with when you create new.

It seems that Feedburner (the free stuff website) gave me a few INCORRECT codes that I copied and pasted into my template andand this is due to their screw up.

So it is up and running now and thank you for letting me know about it. Let me know if it freezes you again. Feedburner is on their last chance with me.

Jaw pain: this has been a 45plus year thing because both my jaws were broken when I was a child and didn't receive any medical treatment. Add a little RRMS in there and it is amplified x100.

About two years ago, one doc wanted to put some BOTOX in TMJ area, between where your bite is so it would loosen up, but pretesting showed I do not have the antibodies to fight off the BOTOX poison they inject and will cause more infection.

The only option left is to re-break both jaws, get wired for 6 months or more and "see if that works". Not good enough for me -- I like better guarantees than that. So until they do, I have to endure. I do not like taking pain meds bec they render me nonfunctioning, but for now pain meds it is. They have an opposite effect on me = they keep me awake.

So I am out surfing the blogs and will probably write something in the next day or two.

Thanks again,

Blinders Off said...


Ouch, that sounds horrible to have your jaw broke.

The last time I experienced amplified pain from MS I lost all my rational thinking, I blogged about it in July.

You left me a comment and suggestion on one of my post about pain medication and I understand where you are coming from. , but no one should have to endure the pain you are feeling now. If what you are taking for your pain is not helping you now.

Maybe it is time for you to rethink some of the pain medication that is available to us. I have a low tolerance, but now that Duragesic patches come in 12mcg I can tolerate the morphine.

I didn't think I would be functional on morphine because I am not when I take Lortab and when I use to take Percocet, Darvocet, and Lyrica. To my surprise I am functional on the 12mcg of Duragesic patches (the lowest dose) than I am when I have to take Lortab for break through pain.

When my body builds a tolerance to that strength at least I know I can go up, but for now I do have a life wearing the patch. Think about wearing the patch if your pain meds are not giving you any relieve.


Your blog isn't freezing up on me anymore. You fixed the problem.