Monday, October 1, 2007

The Best Medicine

After all that cooking this weekend, I had a hard time getting up and moving about. Thankfully, I already baked my pineapple upside down cake for dessert. I put on a new Duragesic patch and in a matter of minutes I felt doped. I felt like I was floating and out of body it scared me. The last time I felt that doped up was when I was on a higher micro gram of morphine. I was alarmed to feel that way immediately on such a low dosage.

I hate feeling doped because I am not in control and I flashback to when I had a toxic reaction to methrotrexate. My breathing became a little shallow and my instinct was to take the patch off. I didn’t want to take the patch off because the pain in my legs dissipated. I played devils advocate and told myself no matter what if my breathing and doped up feeling didn’t go away within two hours I was going to remove the patch.
I drifted off to sleep and I thought I heard voices over me, when I open one eye my little man said, “Hi Nana” with the biggest smile and jumped on the bed and gave me a big hug. My daughters asked if I was okay because I was in bed, I didn’t want to worry them and told them I was fine, dinner was ready and I will be down in a minute. This Sunday was very special to me because all my girls and my favorite little man was over visiting. It’s been awhile since all of them were home together.

I knew I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be in the kitchen to cook Sunday’s dinner. Thankfully, I prepared so much food the prior two days I didn’t have to. I had some turkey legs I smoked in the freezer. I defrost my smoke turkey legs and cut the meat off the bones and made a light gravy and poured it over the legs and threw them in the oven. I took a container of pinto beans, chicken/sausage gumbo, and green beans out and placed them on top of the stove to heat. Made a pot of rice in my rice cooker and walked away. The only item I had to prepare was a pan of cornbread and my dinner was complete for Sunday without breaking a sweat or stumbling around.

LOVE is the BEST medicine around!


Anonymous said...

I've been stopping by periodically to read your blog, so hello!

I just wanted to mention that you might ask your doc about this. It worked for me. I don't like that doped up feeling so I don't resort to meds unless I am in dire need.

Ask doc if you can:
1) take 2-3 OTC pain reliever (tylenol, aleve, motrin, etc.) and at the same time.....
2) put on the duragesic patch for about l/2 hr to 45 mins until the OTC kicks in, then
3) take off the patch so that its medicine can work with the OTC and give you relief.

It worked for me and now I have replaced the patch all together. I get prescription strength ibuprofen or hydrocodone for $4.00 at Walmart (until they stop the $4 promotion).

Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon,

mdmhvonpa said...

If you are having that sort of reaction ... make sure to alert your caregiver(s) to keep an eye on you. You don't want to leave that sharp little guy w/o a grandma.

Blinders Off said...

Hi Anne:

Thanks for stopping by and your suggestion, which is a good one.

I believe that reaction was because of my Chantix has absorbed in my blood stream. What you are doing is what I use to do; my body is immune to Tylenol and Ibprofuren among other pain drugs. For me since I have been on the morphine patch I do not experience daily pain and tingles and I do not have to take 6 pain pills a day (which I do not miss at all). Every now and then I have break through pain, but that is usually when I over exert myself.

When I first started the patch I was put on 25mcg which was the lowest dosage in August and that was too strong for my system. I am now on 12mcg which is a new lower strength that just came on the market in September. Finally, the best thing I like about wearing the 12mcg Duragesic patch is, I have a life, I feel normal and I am functional unlike when I use to take Lortab 10mg every 4 hours daily.


My grandson really made my day Sunday and I am and will do whatever it takes to be around to watch him grow up. When I feel doped I alert my husband, but he always know when I am out of character. When I don’t feel doped he knows when I am not myself. I am blessed to have a supportive and caring caregiver.