Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Much Has Changed

I am average citizen who is sick and tired of the bull**** in our country. I blog about living with multiple sclerosis, but I have always had a lot on my mind and had nowhere to vent. When I first start blogging, I was pissed at the Democrat Party and the good old boy leadership on all government levels. I worked my ass off during the elections in 2004, just to continue to be disappointed on the local, state, and federal level. I will continue to fight and be a voice in my community for progress, but I am elated to witness the battle being fought through the blogs on a national level.

When I began blog jumping I was questioning why in the hell should I continue to be loyal to the Democrat party as a black person? I came across some fantastic white liberal blogs and black independent blogs whose main focus is politic, politicians, and social ills in our country. I’ve learned a lot from reading the blogs and enjoy knowing there are other people who are like minded on politics and social ills. I don’t feel as if I am alone anymore on how I feel about issues and politics. Blogs just might be the grassroots effort to conquer some of the social ills and problems that are still plaguing blacks in our country. Blogs are also a means for average Americans to get the truth out about certain political figures and help kick them out of office.

It’s getting harder to tell the difference of a Democrat from a Republican when it comes to being black and social issues in America. I definitely now consider myself an independent that leans liberal. The Democrats are no longer guaranteed my vote, a Republican (which I do not see one anytime soon) just might get my vote one day. The Green Party is looking pretty good...maybe that is what is needed in this country a third party.

How much has changed? (IMO) NOT ENOUGH


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