Friday, August 17, 2007

Here I Go Again...

Until Montel Williams,advocate organizations and average citizens continue to help support the passage of bill H.R 1717 (Truth and Trials Act) passed and help get Tennessee twin medicinal marijuana bills H.B.0486and S.B. 0641 passed. I and many others have no choice but to continue to take man made prescription pain medication with unbearable side effects that can be potentially deadly to get relief from the severe pain while living with a chronic illness with no cure.

I thought the Duragesic morphine patch was my answer to be rid of the pain and nerve tingles. I told you what happened while wearing the patch. Today I am to start taking Kadian 20mg which is a morphine capsule. My doctor logic is the patch was dispensing morphine in my body 24/7 and it became too much for my body to handle. By taking the morphine capsule I can skip a day or two between dosages to keep the severe pain away.

I am not looking forward to ingesting morphine again, but I will if my pain return to this point in my life again. For the moment I believe I still have enough morphine in my system where I can control the intensity of the pain with Lortab. I am hoping once I start the Tsyabri infusion in September, there would be no need for me to take morphine. I am hearing good things about Tsyabri; I hope it works for me. If it don’t I guess I will be back to injecting myself with Copaxoneeveryday to slow the progression of lesions in my brain that is slowing destroying my central nervous system.


Donimo said...

Wow. I wish Canadian laws would influence those in the US - we have a great Compassion Club here in Vancouver, BC, that you get a doctor's prescription to be a member of. Once in the club, you can choose from a large menu of organically grown pot. Our gov't is growing pot for medicinal use (though I hear it is not as good as other growers! They grwo it in an out of use mine.)But we have 2 or 3 of your DEA offices in Canada, so I know the American gov't is watching us closely.

I wish you the best with your medication and trying to get the right combos for your pain. I don't have MS, but I have very intense pain from head to toe. Pain relief is sooooo important. Best to you.

Blinders Off said...

Thanks Donimo,

11 states have decriminalized the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but our government on the federal level passed a law to over rule those states were as it is still a criminal act.

What bothers me the most is medicinal marijuana for pain do not give a person the unbearable side effects from man made prescription drugs.

I do believe the day will come when our government will decriminalize the usage of medicinal marijuana.