Saturday, August 4, 2007

Congratulations Baby Girl

The last time I had a post congratulating my youngest daughter is when she graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University in May. I was one of many proud mothers who children graduated college this year. Only God knows the quiet stress I’ve been under with her turning down Pfizer after they wanted her so bad they bent their own rules to let her intern for three years instead of two.

She went from one extreme to another. No matter what she wanted to do in life I knew she was going to excel. Going to school was her job for many years and she always was the best of the best in her academic employment. I believe she was fretful about not being in school since that has always been her job. She finally decided to attend a competitive one year graduate program at Vanderbilt this fall. We supported her decision and told her there is nothing wrong with continue her education, but we could not foot $50,000 for a one year grad program. She would have to take out student loans if that is what she truly wanted to do.

I also gave my opinion that it didn’t make much since to take out a loan for that much money for a one year grad program when she could pay for grad school from her earning from a job or the job she get may have education benefits that would pay it for her. Well, I am happy to say, today she received a job that is better than the one she was offered from Pfizer and it is with a company where she will be using her educational background along with the experience she received from Pfizer.

As a mother I am HAPPY and PROUD that the last of my girls are working in their chosen field and out of our pockets. I will be making phone calls to the insurance companies to get the lower rate for spouses only :)

Come to find out my daughter did the right thing turning down Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

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