Thursday, August 9, 2007

He Is Not Lying About The Press Release

He is telling the truth about the press release from The Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association. One of his anonymous commenter said the follow:

Quote, “you should only post what you know to be true. the intelligence of some memphians white and black is the real reason we cannot grow as a city. but the truth will win in the end, just keep on spreading lies, it makes it easy to know who to believe.” Unquote

This past Sunday was the first time I was bothered by what my Pastor had to say. I was not bothered by his message from the bible; I was bothered by what he said after he gave his message from the bible and wanted to speak to the congregation about the 2007 Hate Crime Bill (H.R. 1592)

He got many in the congregation riled about bill H.R.1592 saying he could be arrested if he talked against homosexuality in the church. After he said that he went into a fiery rant about gays and lesbians. He smoothed his blows to the gays and lesbians in our church by saying, "It is not the person he is against, but it is their sexual orientation he is against." As he went on with his stance and support of the press release the ministers received, I was wondering how the homosexuals in our church were feeling at that moment. I have and I am sure many others have homosexuals in their family tree somewhere. Because of their sexual orientation does that mean we should disown them or it should be acceptable for them to be criminally victimized in our society? It is not MAN place to judge them, the God I know is a forgiving God.

I finally called him the following Tuesday because I believed it was wrong of him to miss-informed the congregation about bill H.R.1592. I asked him, “Did he read the bill”, and he replied that he did. That is when I asked, “Why would he stand in the pulpit and say he could be arrested if he speaks against homosexuality, because no where in bill H.R.1592 does it says religious leaders will be jailed for speaking against homosexuality.” He finally admitted and stated, “A press release was sent out to ministers about bill H.R.1592 with a pastor in full cloth handcuffed and being taken to jail because he spoke against homosexuality in his church."

In my opinion, it is wrong for men or women who lead a church to miss guide their flock. There are many people in the church who follow their spiritual leader blindly without thinking for themselves. Hypocrisy in the church is rampant and people in the church need to realize the person standing before them in the pulpit is a human being not God himself. I personally go to hear the word and message from the bible and listen to the message in the songs from the choir. My relationship with God is not controlled or depended on my pastor. I am secured in my faith not to be lead blindly by MAN and many people in the church need to distinguish the difference of who is the final judge of how they live their life.

Finally, Congressman Steve Cohen is a legislator who listens to the people. He doesn’t represent my district, but that did not keep him from responding to a concern I had. When he decide to run for the Senate he definitely has my vote. I hope his critics are not successful in removing him because he is not black. Blacks need to be careful of some blacks who want to represent them in office. Harold Ford had that position for a long time and he damn sure wasn't listening to constituents in the district. His actions and the actions of his other Ford family members in public office proved they were out for themselves. In this case the title of a new show on BET aimed towards Blacks is an appropriate closing to this post “We Got to Do Better than That”.

I removed the name of the blogger and his site because the sight has become too unbearable to read. There are more interesting and informative sights in the blogosphere to read instead of wasting my time reading his tabloid post and flip flopping opinions.


Jayla said...

Hi Blinders,

It's me, Jayla. Remember me? How are you doing? I'm glad to see you're still hanging in there. Still praying for you! I sent you an email.

autoegocrat said...

"It is not the person he is against, but it is their sexual orientation he is against."

With all due respect to your minister, I wonder exactly what he hopes to accomplish by preaching against homosexuality.

You can't change someone's sexual orientation by making them feel ashamed. It's like trying to force someone who is right-handed to write with their left hand. They can get used to it, but it is never going to feel as natural to them as the way they were born.

Does your preacher also preach against men who have anal sex with their wives? What about oral sex? That is no different than what gays do, and I don't hear anyone condemning that from the pulpit.

In the end, all they're left with is the fact that it's called "an abomination" in the Bible. But that same part of the Bible prohibits eating shellfish, wearing clothes made from two different fabrics, using the toilet inside city limits, and it also says that homosexuals should be put to death, along with adulterers and prostitutes.

So, if they can't change someone's sexual orientation through preaching, they don't preach against heterosexuals who do exactly the same things, and they don't preach against any of the other mortal sins listed in the oldest part of the Old Testament, what exactly is the point of all this?

The Jews wrote the Old Testament, and their rabbis don't preach against homosexuality.

Why are these preachers picking and choosing what they preach from the Old Testament? Does this really have to do with anything written in the Bible, or is it just old-fashioned prejudice finding a new expression through religion?

Blinders Off said...

Nice to hear from you Jayla, I responded to your email and I am waiting for you to come back to the blogosphere :)


Religion is a touchy subject and I normally do not like getting into a debate with people about religion because some people take it to the extreme.

I understand where you are coming from.

I posted this post because I saw TM post about the letter that was sent out to ministers and I do not comment on his site, but he was right about many ministers in this area.

I was so bothered about how and what my pastor was saying last Sunday, that is why I called him on it. It also bothered me on how many in the congregation reacted to what he said without realizing he miss-represented H.R.1592. Thanks for stopping by and giving your viewpoint.