Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Brother 8...The Appeal Is Gone

Evel Dick deservingly and rightfully calls Jameka and Amber out for the people they are. Both of them are hypocrites. To call someone’s Momma a bitch and then speak of God in the same sentence is abominable. As for Amber (excuse me, I just burped) wearing her ear plugs and praying out loud for the cameras speaks for itself. The both of them are a joke in this game. The key word here is game…God is not playing this game and it’s high time they leave God out of it.

After what happened in last week rigged show and watching Jameka and Amber come into this game claiming to be Christians is nauseating. Tonight was my last night watching Big Brother 8. If they didn’t come into this game wearing the Christianity banner it would not have left such a bad taste about their actions.

Jameka and Amber need to read the following
beautiful and well written poem

Christian ~by Maya Angelou~


'Coma said...

I'm out too.

Blinders Off said...

I believe they lost more fans than us this year.