Friday, September 21, 2007

Morphine and MS

The patch starts at 25mcg and of course that is what I was started on. It was too much for my body to handle after three weeks of continuous morphine going into by body. I talked about how good I felt on the morphine patch and how it turned on me. Well, I am happy to annouce the patch comes in a lower dose of 12mcg…it just came on the market. My pharmacist told me when I inquired if I can cut the 25mcg patch in half. The lower dose patch was so new neurologists and doctors did not know the morphine patch came in a lower dosage. I called my Neurologist and informed her about the lower dosage and we decided to see if having a lower dose patch would work for me.

On September 27 it will be one month I have been wearing a 12mcg Fentanyl/Duragesic patch. I have not been feeling the daily nerve tingles through out my body and my pain is about non existent. I only had to take Lortab 10mg every now and then for break thru pain. I am able to function more now that I do not have to take the numerous pills I had to take prior to wearing the patch.

I know what is working for me may not work for others, but that is why I blog and talk to others about what works for me because what is working for me might just work for you. My goal was to not take so much medicine on a daily basis and for the last month wearing the lowest micro gram of morphine has helped me reach that goal. I now only wear the patch take my Copaxone injection daily and take one or two Lortabs a week. That is a far cry from taking 10 different prescriptions on a daily basis.

The only problem I have now is getting use to taking the injections again after stopping for thirty days when I considered taking Tysabri. I am not going to lie… it still hurts like hell every time I push that needle, but Copaxone is working and I have to do what I have to do.

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