Sunday, September 23, 2007

You Have To Keep Pushing

I submitted my name over a month ago to volunteer at the sixth U. S. Marshall Service Fugitive Safe Surrender pilot program in Memphis. My day to volunteer was on the very last day of the program which they told us at training it would be the busiest day of the program. When I know I have to do something I try not to exert myself so I can reserve my energy. My husband wasn’t too please when I told him our Friday night date night would have to be on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You know how it is when a tradition is broken for a man, but we had fun leading up to Friday for my day of rest.

Of course I can not tell multiple sclerosis not to act up. Sometimes I wonder why ms act up when I have definite commitments. For some odd reason it never fails…the day before I have a commitment my entire body feels like it short circuits. I have the most annoying nerve tingles, pain, and limb jumping the night before my commitment. There was a time I would cancel out and each time I did that I would go into a depression because I felt as if I did not keep my word to someone or I was letting down my family or friend if my commitment was related to them.

It is a victory each and every time I push thru the agony of this unpredictable illness. I had a wonderful time at the Fugitive Safe Surrender program and met some amazing people. The best part of my volunteer experience Saturday was seeing citizens taking advantage of the Fugitive Safe Surrender program to surrender in the hopes of having a second chance in turning their live around. I saw all types of people from every walk of life, the expression on their faces and the temple of their walk when they first walked in was entirely different when they were walking out.

Memphis should be proud of how successfel the program was in its city they have beat the previous five states with the number of citizens surrendering. Cleveland in August 2005 saw 850 persons surrender over four days. In the November 2006 FSS Program in Phoenix, 1,320 persons surrendered. In Indianapolis in April, 530 persons surrendered. In Akron in July 2007, 1,125 persons surrendered. In Nashville in August 2007, 561 persons surrendered, and in September 2007 Memphis 1,600 persons surrendered.

David G. Jolley U.S. Marshal, Western District of Tennessee and I still managed a smile after a long day. I know he was glad the four days were over so he could get some much deserved rest.

To top off my day I had the opportunity to see the Blue Angels fly over my subdivision.

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