Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thanks Mom

My mother was and is my role model on how to be a woman. There is not a price or value of a woman’s worth. My mother worked full-time and always had a homemade dinner prepared for my father and us. She kept a clean house and made sure me and my siblings did our part. She was a disciplinary who did not take any bullshit. As long as you told her the truth she had your back. If she found out you lied you would have a severe price to pay…trust is everything. She also had the courage to walk away from my father because he did not appreciate her. To this day my father is still in love with my mother and my ex-husband is still in love with me. Like most men, my Dad and Ex did not know they had a good woman until it was too late. My mother has been divorced from my father for 29 years. She said she would never marry again and she didn’t, but she has been happily involved with the same man who I know love her and treat her like a Queen for the past 24 years.

I married young and the only good thing out of that marriage was my beautiful daughters. When I divorced at the tender age of 28, I told myself I would NEVER get married again. A woman tends to loose her identity when she thinks she is in love at a young age. My mother recognized my first husband was stripping me of who I was. She never interfered in my marriage, but she did say this to me, “You are not the daughter I raised; you need to find yourself again.” I did not understand her statement in the beginning, but as the years went by I realized what she was talking about and I made the painful decision to walk away from my daughters Dad.

That was the best decision I ever made in my life. Life is too short to be in an unhealthy relationship for the sake of children. I allowed myself to fall in love again and I must say when you are not looking for love that is usually when you find real love. After dating my present husband for a few years and turning down proposal of marriage because of my first bad experience. I took that leap of faith and followed my heart and married my soul mate in 1995. My old school ways, sex appeal, and personality is what attracted my husband to me. I have my Mom to thank on how to treat a man like a man should be treated and in return that man would treat a woman like a woman should be treated.

Because I stayed true to who I am and knew what I wanted in a man after my divorce, I am the happiest person in the world. I didn’t think I would ever in this life time find a man who didn’t feel threaten by me and who would loved me with his heart and soul. Women dream of falling in love with a man who treats her like a Queen a man who is secure, strong, protective, love of his family, and hardworking. My husband is my heart and soul and I thank God everyday for blessing me with the kind of man I have always prayed for. He is away on business for a week and I am missing him already, I pray he have a safe trip to Virginia and back home to me.

He is all the man I need!



Michelle said...

My first marriage of 13 1/2 years ended just before I lost myself completely. I came out of it with no assets other than my survival skills and my son. A year later, in November 2000, came my MS diagnosis and three years later I happily found my soul mate. We married in March 2005 and he's been my best support during this latest lengthy relapse that began in December of 2006 and has forced me to stop working. I feel lucky to share my moments with a good man and continue living moment by moment. My Mom taught me strength and my good man provides the reason to remain until my demise from MS or it's complications to my body, mind and psyche.
Stay strong.

autoegocrat said...

It sounds like he got a pretty good catch, too. It seems like the girls of my generation have no idea how to handle a man, and probably wouldn't want to even if they did.

It's good to know everyone isn't like that! Props to you, your husband, and of course, your mom.

Blinders Off said...


I feel you your joy of having a good man by your side while battling the unpredictable MS.

Strong support is what keeps us going.

I do not mind shouting to the world how much I LOVE my Man.
There is a girl in your generation out there who have a little bit of old school philosophy when it comes to men accompany by sex appeal and passion just for you. The two of you just haven't met yet or maybe you have.

Trust me on this: Your soul-mate could already be in your company. A feeling of love like you never felt before comes into your life when you least expect it. Believe me when it happens you want to fight it, but the feeling I am speaking about is too powerful to ignore. Finally, you just give in and enjoy every moment of the life you begin with your soul mate.

Don't be surprise if your soul mate turns out to be a good friend.