Friday, September 21, 2007

Is There A MS Scam Going On

I am one of those consumers who despise telemarketers. Telemarketers are pesky and annoying and now days most of telemarketing contracts are with prisons or another country.

I might have been one of the first consumers to sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry. My telephone numbers and name should not go off the list until 2010. That is why I couldn’t understand why this telemarketing number 1-877-213-7608 was calling my house. That number start calling my house September 10 asking for my husband who was out of town. I knew it was a telemarketer so I politely told them we are on the do not call list and not to call again.

The pesky *&#* %&@@ called my house everyday exactly at 8:00am and 6:00pm. I became so pissed I final dialed that 800 number and asked in a not so pleasant tone who the hell were they and why are they still calling my house after I asked them not to. Low and behold it was a foreigner who couldn’t speak good English; I was outrage to this intrusion of my privacy.

I decided September 19 to call and report the number. As luck would have it a telemarketer from that same number called before I called to report the number. This time she acknowledges me before asking for my husband. This was my opportunity to find out who the hell is behind this 800 number intruding on my privacy. I was floored to find out she was calling on behalf of the National MS Society and was seeking a donation from my husband because records showed he donates to the MS Society. I challenged her on why she was calling because I have MS and I am an active member of the National MS Society and I raise money every year during the National MS Society Walk Fundraiser and I never known them to do a phone fundraiser.

My first question to her was, “Why is the National MS Society soliciting by phone when as long as I have been involved they never solicit money by phone?” She couldn’t answer it to my satisfaction. I also asked, “If this is a National MS Society fundraiser campaign why would they call contributors who contribute to me on my behalf during the MS Walk." I told her, "I know for a fact my husband and others who are on my list of contributors do not want to be bothered by a phone fundraiser drive." The telemarketer was dumbfounded and all she could say was,” I will not be receiving anymore calls."

I called the Mid-South MS Society headquarters in Nashville MS Society and told them what has been going on for the last week and a half. They too were surprise a phone call fundraiser was going on in their name. I gave them the 800 number and I was told they were going to look into it and let me know because it is not their policy to call and ask for money. I told them, “I did not appreciate it and I know the people on the list I turned in who contributed to the MS Society on my behalf would not appreciate being called and asked for a donation when they have already donated this year.” I also let them know that if this is a new policy of theirs it will hurt my chances for receiving donations next year from my contributors if they are harassed by the aggressive telemarketers who were harassing my household with unwanted phone calls.”

Finally, if this is a new fundraiser drive for the National MS Society, they need to put a stop to it NOW and SHAME on them for having an aggressive telemarketing firm call to beg for money on the behalf of the MS Society. I and many others work our tails off to raise money during the MS Walk and Bike fundraisers and to solicit off the list we turn in to the society is WRONG on many levels.
Mainly, NO ONE wants unsolicited pesky, annoying telemarketers calling them.

Until I know differently I am going to assume the telemarketing calls from someone stating they are representing the National MS Society as a SCAM.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I,too, have reported callers soliciting for MS, Lung Association, etc.

I wanted to share with you a remedy that I came up with about 20 years ago for $$ solicitors and telemarketers.

When they call, I determine

1) who they are (either by them identifying themselves right off the bat or by my question),

2) who they want to talk to in my home (esp. if they want the junior or the senior)and, no matter who they ask for....

3) I tell them that they died five days ago and today's the funeral, usually with a falsetto voice to simulate upsetment/tears.

Then I tell them never to call here again. They usually don't.

I signed up for the DO NOT CALL LIST too, but some ignore it and some are 1st time botherers to us.

So rumors of our demise in the house are usually true.

"Hello, this is Mr. Jones, from the Retired Police Officers Scholarship Fund, may I speak to...."
"I'm sorry, he died 5 days ago and we are leaving for the funeral right now. Please don't bother his widow again."

Works every time.

Same thing for those timeshare people. I only get one or two calls a year now.

Surveys get a different response. I ask them who their parent company is that sponsors the survey,and then I tell them, that I work for them too in this state. Employees are forbidden to participate in surveys. Take me off your list please....and they do.

Just some of the sick fun we have at caller's expense in this house. Enjoy! Anne

Anonymous said...

Here is more people who received these types of calls:

Blinders Off said...


I like the employee line, I will definitely use that one.


Thanks for stopping by, but I do not click on links posted anonymous. No offense, but there are to many virues in cyberspace.

Kevin said...

This is not a scam. We are attempting to spread the word about an MS Georgia Chapter online event and hope you'll post. For a $15 tax-deductible donation you can support MS research and potentially win up to $5,000 in prizes.

MS receives 90 cents back on the dollar from every donation, most charitable events only return 30-50 cents of every dollar raised back to the charity.

We have a goal to raise $50,000 by December 28, 2007 for MS.

To donate and Play for a Cure click on the following link –

The model is easy: donate, play a five-minute puzzle game, and win prizes. Hope you enjoy and thank you! one will call you!>)

Unknown said...

My call today came from "Private Name" at "unknown number." A female voice said "My name is Nicholas and I am calling on behalf of the MS Foundation." Obviously reading from a prepared script for a male caller> Still was able to provide a number for MS, 888-673-6287. I may donate, just never to a cold call.