Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Week On The Patch

I was very skeptical of the morphine patch Duragesic 25mcg because all I could envision is me drooling from the mouth and nodding in and out of conscious. When mild painkillers stop working to stop my pain, I was prescribed several addictive type pain killers such as Percocet and Lortab 10mg. I could not tolerate Percocet, but I could tolerate Lortab 10mg. To not become dependent daily on Lortab I only would take them when my pain level was past a 10 according to the medical pain chart. When my pain is not past a 10 I do not take Lortab. With my recent episode of sever pain Lortab did not give me any relief, therefore I was prescribed morphine patches.

To my surprise I did not drool, but I did nod in and out of conscious. My nodding in and out was not like I envision, it mainly happened when I was not busy. The first day on the patch I felt like a brand new woman, I felt like I was normal, I had absolutely no pain, I felt like the vigorous woman I was before I became sick. I embrace that day feeling like I could conquer the world. Then reality hit me, I became concern about becoming dependent on the patch, I quickly dismissed the reality of being dependent on the patch as long as I continued to feel the way I was feeling.

I experienced nausea, vomiting, itching and sleepiness on my second day wearing the patch. I became a little depress because I thought about how good I felt the day before. I did not stay depress long, I knew there were side effects and I just prayed the side effects did not last long or become so bothersome to the point I had to take the patch off. I took Meclizine 25mg and Hydroxyzine HCL 25mg for the nausea, vomiting, and itching. Although I experienced all of that on my second day I still felt great because I was PAIN FREE for two days in the row. In my mind I could live with the nausea, vomiting and itching as long as I did not have PAIN. Fortunately, the prescriptions I took to combat the nausea, vomiting, and itching worked and I no longer felt those symptoms.

I went seven days without having any PAIN, therefore, in my book the patch work if you suffer with severe pain. In my opinion the downside of using the patch is your body is continually receiving morphine 24/7. My husband brought something to my attention, he said, “Although, you are feeling good by not having any pain and you are functioning, you have drugs in your system that can cause you to nod off. You need to have a driver because you can nod off while driving.” We debated the issue and I realized he was right. I also realized I couldn’t continue to wear the patch daily like my doctors prescribed it. I had to treat the patch like I treat the medications I have that can become addictive. I only take certain medications the doctors prescribed to combat the symptoms of my multiple sclerosis on an as needed basis.

As of today I took the patch off. The severe pain I experienced the past several weeks is gone. I am no fool to think my pain will not return because I have been living with constant pain everyday for years. My body built a tolerance level to pain and I learned how to live with that. I have witnessed friends of mine who live with pain, but they are totally dependent on addictive medication to the point were they actually have no life. I on the other hand have a life that I enjoy and I cannot be dependent on addictive medication to continue the life I live.

I now know when the severe pain I suffered in the last several weeks returns I have something to take for it. I guess I will know in the coming days if the patch will become a permanent fixture in my life or a temporary fix when I need it. I pray it will be for a temporary fix.


CC said...

Have you ever worked with an accupuncturist or hypnotist to help with pain. Just curious if you had any success there.

Blinders Off said...


No I never tried an accupuncturist or hypnotist for pain. I did try a hypnotist to stop smoking and it didn't work.

I am going on my second week with the patch and I have been pain free and free of the having the tingles. To my surprise I am not impaired while wearing the patch.