Monday, July 2, 2007

I Prepared Myself To Not Pay Into the New Cigarette Tax

Tennessee cigarette tax law went into effect today and I am one Tennessean smoker who is not mad about it any longer. When I first heard the State of Tennessee was going to increase the taxes on cigarettes I was one pissed off smoker. As time went on I realized the State of Tennessee was doing me a favor. I was told many times by doctors to stop smoking, but the physical withdrawals I experienced and the fear of gaining weight was my excuses to continue to smoke.

Goodbye Benson I enjoyed you for the last 30 years, you were never good for me and you are too expensive to continue our relationship. I tried to say goodbye to you many times, but you wouldn’t let go of your grip. The calm I felt when I inhaled your smoke after a meal is being replaced with a new awareness on how my food taste. When I felt stressed I reached for you, but I no longer have to do that because Pfizer introduced me to Chantix, who helped me let you go.

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