Friday, June 29, 2007

My Day Was A Beautiful Day

The only downside to my day was not having my youngest daughter present, she now lives in Nashville. If I could have one birthday wish come true next year it is to have my baby living near me again. Receiving gifts and flowers are great, but the cards I receive from my family and friends’ expressing how they feel about me is
what keeps me going in my daily struggle.

My pain was bearable on my day and I was definitely thankful. Unfortunately, I am paying the price today the pain in my shoulders, arms, fingers and feet is making it difficult to type and concentrate. It is time to take another Lortab 10/500mg and if you know me, you know for me to down Lortabs every 4 hours to the hour IT'S BAD. Hell the pain is so bad I AM going to take a shot of Jose Cuervo and call it a day.

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