Friday, June 15, 2007

POLITICS...Calling It How I See It

The last time I posted on Thaddeus Matthews blog using my blog name. I was called a Tometta and non black by one of his commenter that hide behind Anonymous and other names aka (DG). I said that to say this, I wanted to post a comment on Thaddeus subject Have White Power Brokers Awaken A Sleeping Giant And Given Blacks A Cause?

I did not use my blog name or Anonymous, I commented as Calling It How I See It because I do not like commenting on Thad's blog, but I wanted to say what I wrote as "Calling It How I See It".

No matter how people personally feel about Mayor Herenton his accusation of how far some people will go in politics is VERY TRUE. There are some people in politics that will do anything necessary in politics for the results they want. I can say that because I experienced it my part of Shelby County and believe me they played dirty and dangerous. Politics in Memphis and Shelby County is connected like a mafia.

Getting involved in the politics in my part of Shelby County is no longer worth the stress and aggravation in my life. An investigation of the politics in Memphis and Shelby County is definitely warranted, but I do not see it happening anytime soon.

Finally, IMO it is time for the citizens of Memphis need to change their leadership regardless of the race card Herenton is shuffling to the African American community in Memphis. We voted for change in my part of Shelby County, but our Mayor is proving the fact that ALL POLITICIANS are lead by known and unknown POWERFUL people...average citizens are just pawns in their game.

THEY CAN HAVE IT! I will use my VOTE as informed as I can be and hope for the best

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