Saturday, June 16, 2007

I believe if you treat people the way you want to be treated it will be reciprocated. People can be nice and they can be cruel. When I was first introduced to the blogosphere I thought about the danger of strangers entering your world of thoughts. Then I saw it as a fascinating way to bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis and a way to share informative information to others. There are many drafts I’ve written that I never posted because I didn’t want my loved ones and friends to know I am not always strong person, since I have been struggling with an illness for many years I have many weak moments.

I contemplated many times about posting some of my most personal thoughts during my moment of weakness. I have made conscious decision to email certain people about situations in my life seeking information. When your life is threaten you become desperate, when you believe in something you offer your assistance, when you feel you trust someone you reach out for friendship. With that said the three people I emailed personally know who they are. Thank you.

Is the blogosphere a place for a person finding friendship? My answer is yes and no. Yes, because I know my heart is pure and my opinions and thoughts are just that my opinions and thoughts. People in the blogosphere may agree or disagree with them and I have no problem with that. No, because I could been wrong about the people I emailed, but that is a risk and chance I chose to take and by their response to my email I do not regret my decision.

There are many blogs I visit and I comment now and then. My favorite blogs are bloggers in Memphis because they discuss what is going on close around me. Which brings me back to people can be kind and they can be cruel. There are many blogs that discourage readers from commenting on a particular post. They normally have their core group who comment all the time, but when readers get the courage to comment on one of their post, I noticed how one of their core people calls them a troll if they do not like what was said. According to Wikipedia a troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community. If a reader comments and it is not derogatory or inflammatory it is cruel of the blog host or their core people of the blog to call them a troll. If you do not want comments by anyone but your core group then put up a banner…you can read my blog, but if you are not a core person don’t bother to comment.

I remember when I first start blogging and a REAL troll masquerading as a known blogger to me invaded my blog. I was pissed and I copied and paste what at the time I thought was the name blogger to other bloggers in Memphis that was familiar with the known blogger. The bloggers I copied and paste what a troll did to my blog assured me it was not him. I was considered a troll to the bloggers core when I copied and paste what a troll did to me. I felt sooo stupid after I did that, but I was a novice to the blogosphere and I apologized to the blogger who have a troll on his site that attacks blogger who use their blog name.

I enjoy blogging about my experience living with ms, my family, pain, hurts, joy and life. I no longer care who will eventually read some of the postings I will post in the future. I battle with life and death more often than the average person and if death eventually win. My thoughts will live on forever.

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