Monday, June 11, 2007

MS...You Can't Keep A Good Person Down

I accidentally deleted my entire blog again. The Solu-Medrol infusion I received two weeks ago was what I needed to rid myself of the debilitating pain I was experiencing, but the side effects of the drug had to be counter with other drugs and it caused by brain to fry.

2007 is one of the worst years for me living with multiple sclerosis. It’s been difficult to stay positive, I was sooo pissed when I accidentally deleted my blog again. When it happened I said, “eff it, and eff everything.” I am about to hit my mid 40’s this month and I became sick at the age of 28, I start feeling as if I have been cheated. Then I begin to think about people who were inflicted with an illness as a baby or a child and here I am bitching about becoming ill at the age of 28. My whining is over and my depression is in check… I am back

My HEROES are disable people who live life to the fullest like there is no tomorrow and I strive to be like them.

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