Friday, March 21, 2008

The Truth Will Set You FREE

Many of you are probably wondering why I am blogging a lot about politics lately, well here is why I am...

From what I can tell (correct me if I am wrong) I am the only black person blogging in the multiple sclerosis community I refer to as my virtual friends. I have not been around lately because of school and my posts have been about politics. I chose Blinders Off as my name when I start blogging in 2005 because of politics in America and struggling with myself about my loyalty to the Democrat Party. I kept the name because I became a blog junkie and I decided to blog about my life living with multiple sclerosis.

Through the blogosphere I met some wonderful progressive white liberal bloggers in my home state (too many to name) and one from Nashville (NewsComa). Christian Progressive Liberal was the first black person I start reading and through her I found some wonderful African American Blogs (too many to name also), but there is one I must name and that is Field Negro (do not let the name scare you off). His blog is one of the most honest hard-hitting African American blog in the blogosphere. The people that comments there are also honest and hard hitting (with a few exceptions here and there) that is why today I confess I am a Fieldoholic.

Robster post in one of his comments today links the entire Reverend Jeremiah Wright sermons; The five-second sound bite that is being spinned to scare and continue the racial divide in America by Fox(Fake) News and MSM should be seen in it's entirety before judgment is passed on Barack Obama and his former pastor Rev. Wright.

I know many people are lurking because one of the best MS bloggers (BrainCheese) shared how we can tell who is lurking around our blogs.

Back to the Why the Truth Will Set You Free. Please look at the following two videos of Obama's former pastor Rev. Wright in its entirety and then make your judgment do not base your judgment solely on the manipulation of Fake News and others who do not want America to move forward...

God Damn America

Chickens Coming Home To Roost



Hi Blinders Off,
I just wanted to respond with at least ONE other MS blogger out there who is also black. It's true that if folks don't have pictures, or don't discuss personal race, it's really hard to determine their race. So's Michon at Living Well With MS.

Diane J Standiford said...

I have a friend (and others know) who are black and have MS; they just don't blog. I gotta tell ya, even the sound bites--I liked. We have a strong African American community in Seattle. One of the many reasons I love living here.

field negro said...

Hi BO, thanks for the shout, and thanks for your contribution to the fields. You are always on point.

I love your blog as well. I am a lurker ;)


Blinders Off said...


Thanks for letting me know about another black MS blogger. You are right about it is hard to determine another bloggers race and I should not have made it sound as if I was the only black person with MS blogging. It is that I personally have not come across another one.


Not a problem at all. Now say "hi" to Michon. Although, I haven't spent much time talking with her, she seems really nice by what I've read. Take care.

Blinders Off said...


I wish more would blog and I hope I did not offend MS bloggers who lurk on my blog.

This intense racial politics is pissing me off, I do not intend to dissolve friendships, but I wonder if all of this will affect friendships.

Blinders Off said...


I knew you were a lurker and I knew you appreciated by blog when I made your weekly sidebar of “blogs I am feeling”. I feel honored you finally commented :)

Keep doing what you do in the Fields, you have one of the best rainbow coalitions of people that comments on you blog and I noticed more and more are coming from behind the lurking curtain.


I LURK, therefore I AM! LOL

The Internet is such a strange mix of color, belief, value, and ideals...I rather LIKE not having any visuals to cloud my judgment! Let's people just be who they are...a VOICE to be heard.

Linda D. in Seattle

Blinders Off said...


Unfortunately, visuals clouds people’s judgment, but the internet is a wonderful world with or without visuals :)


Hey, I discovered another MSer who blogs who happens to be black. His blog is new to me so I haven't read much. But he blogs at Crazilynsane. You might check it out.