Thursday, March 6, 2008

Right Ass Out From This Point On

I thought it would get easier as the years passed, but it does not. Everyday I prepare myself mentally when it is time to take my Copaxone injection. I tell myself "This is the day; I will not take minutes to press the auto injector button to release the glatiramer acetate into my body." I am still waiting on that day.

I wish I did not have to take an injection everyday. I wish researchers discover a multiple sclerosis drug to slow the progression of MS that does not involve injections or infusion. I wish I did not have Multiple Sclerosis, I wish, I wish, I wish so many things when it comes to living with MS.

My injection site choices are my arms, thighs, stomach, and ass. I know I should probably say buttocks, but eff that I am pissed. My stomach is the best place to inject myself, I have not experience a bad experience there (knock on wood). When I inject my arms, thighs, and ass the pain is more noticeable, injection sites are more noticeable, finally the worst part of it all in those areas I have experienced IPIR and nerve reactions.

I talked about one of my IPIR reactions, but I never talked about my nerve reactions until this post. Immediately when I removed the needle from my right buttock, the nerves on my entire right side went haywire. My body went limp and I dropped thank God I was in my bedroom and fell on my bed instead of the floor. All I could do was cry from the excruciating burning pain that was traveling a nerve path. I cursed having MS at that moment. The severe burning pain is gone, but I am left with nagging pain in that nerve. Morphine is not keeping this nagging pain away. I am reduced to taking Lortab 10mg for this breakthrough nerve pain because I dared to inject my right ass to give the other parts of my body a break.

I should have known better because this happened about a year ago when I injected in that area. I thought since it has been awhile, it would be okay to inject there again. I freaking found out the hard way how wrong I was. Come to find out from my primary care doctor I can no longer have ANY injections in that area because the nerve is damaged.

What a life, MS is like a box of to day I never know what to expect from MS. I do know this for sure...My right ass is off limits to needles.


Merelyme said...

hey...glad to see you blogging again! i have elected to not start the MS meds yet. i am listening to all you guys have to say...and...still thinking.

Blinders Off said...

I was able to blog a little because of spring break.

The meds are a witch, but I believe the shots are slowing my progression. Unfortunately, we have to go through a lot to get to the med that work for us as an individual.

I know you will do what is best for you. It took years for me to know which meds work best for me.

Angie said...

I followed your link from Field's site. I've seen comments from you for a while now. But I must admit that I hardly ever go and check out the commenters' blogs. This time, I'm glad that I did. Nice blog... Great content...

Stay encouraged, stay brave, and stay strong. I'll be back.


Blinders Off said...

Thanks for stopping by Angie and you are welcome anytime.

I enjoy the Fields...his blog is my number one favorite of all the blogs I visit. The people that comments (excluding me because I know I probably not make sense most of the time) on his blog are very insightful and they help make the Fields what it is.