Friday, March 7, 2008

Lester Street Massacre...May You All RIP

WARNING!! if you click on the following link, TM has a very graphic picture of one of the adult victims)

The most controversial blogger in Memphis who have sources in law enforcement that the main stream media wish they had is stating the following dangerous gang in America is responsible for the Lester Street Massacre.

The sleeping public needs to WAKE UP! Gang activity is not isolated in the inner cities.

This story need to circulate to bring awarness that the most dangerous gang in America is no longer causing carnage in California. Like all gangs that originated in California this cancer has spread through out America.



I am happy to know sources in the police department did not provide TM with the post-mortem pictures of one of the victims; it is bad enough they leak investigative information to him. His actions to make a name for himself by being a shocking and controversial person might have finally caught up with him.


ARREST made in the Lester Street Massacre…

TM reported this crime had something to do with the gang MS-13. Thankfully, he was wrong about MS-13 involvement in this crime. His erroneous report of MS-13 being involved did bring awareness to many who had no idea of this dangerous gang that has grown in numbers in the United States.

Finally, this incident and others of TM’s blogging about open investigations and posting pictures of victims and the accused of crime will probably cost him dearly.


Since this post has generated over 2,000 hits, I will continue updates.

TM did the right thing and took the horrific facial picture of Shindri Roberson down.

He is also responding to the possible charges coming his way. Good Luck TM, you know one of these days they are going to getcha!


He is getting what he deserve!

Death Penalty assigned to Lester Street Killer