Sunday, December 9, 2007

What Is This World Coming To

With the high price of gas, we are all looking for the bargain price. At Kroger, customers get 10 cents off a gallon for purchases over $100.00. Of course, if you can save 10 cents on a gallon it is a no brainer to go to Kroger and gas up your vehicle.

Out of all the people in line, a man decided to start a confrontation with my husband. My husband was the only black man at the gas station at the time and he was doing nothing different from any of the other customers. He was patiently waiting his turn for the pump. I pointed race out because I believe the man who started this confrontation was a bigot.
My husband pulled to the pump and gas up, out of know were the man started a verbal confrontation with him. My husband did not provoke the confrontation to another level, but he sternly advised the man he was there for the same reason everyone else was there and to leave him the f**k alone and to go about his business because he was through talking. I know my husband when he said he was through talking he was through talking, being retired military he went into his military training mode in the event this man approach him in a threatening manner.

My husband notice the man go into his trunk and retrieve a tire iron, but he was through with his business and he headed home. While he was driving home, he called me to call the police to meet him at the house because the man starts following him. I dialed the police to inform them of the situation and I stated if the man pulls onto my property, I would not be responsible for what may happen; I retrieved my husband’s 45.

Knowing how crazy this world is and after getting that type of call from my husband, I armed myself to protect my husband and myself in case the police did not arrive in time. Fortunately, the police arrived a couple of minutes after my husband pulled into the driveway and the man who wanted a confrontation kept going. I was thankful I was not put in a position to do bodily harm to another human being. The police confirmed the man was a known troublemaker when they recognized the description of the man and his car given to them by my husband. The officers recorded it as an incident report in case my husband ever run into this person again. This way if my husband path crosses this bigot again and my husband hurt this man protecting himself the law was aware of a previous incident.

This incident comes on the hills of a good friend of ours who was in an altercation at a service station in different municipality just a couple of weeks ago. What in the he** is this world coming to? In all my years of living this is the worse I have seen our country. People can’t go to school, to the shopping malls, and now gas service station without some crazy sh*t happening.

Marvin Gaye song about crazy sh*t 36 years ago and this country is going backwards instead of forward.

What's Going On!


Dave said...

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Anyway, please consider my request and even if you prefer not to add my blog to yours, please let me know.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Dave Stallings


Blinders Off said...


Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoyed reading your blog. I try to stay encouraging and I am glad their or others who do the same, but when I have my bad moments my virtual world read about it before I share with my family. My family read my blog because they figured out I would blog about how I feel before I tell them. I have it a little backwards, but I am getting better at talking to them first when my illness is bothering me more than usual.

It is important to be able to connect with others who live with a chronic illness. For me it is better than going to self-help groups who tend to have pity parties instead of uplifting on another when we have one of those dark moments.

I have been intending to have a blog roll list, thanks for reminding me. I like reading a little bit of everything. For know I listed the ones I visit the most and I added your blog to that list. I also appreciate you wanting to add me to yours. I do visit a lot and I comment every now and then. I tend to talk a lot, as I am now :)

You asked if there are other blogs who would like to be link to a positive message blog like your. The answer to that is anyone who is living with a chronic illness, I listed the ones I am linked to and I am sure they would love to hear from you.

Diane J Standiford said...

You know, I deal with this age-old question a lot on my blog and in my life. I remember my elders asking it often. I couldn't play on the playground at my school without hearing the "take cover" Cold War siren going off. There was a "colored only" drinking fountain at my school. The "good old days" were not that good. I am so glad you husband didn't have to take it to the next level(or you). That nut-job has been behind bars before and one day he won't he out.
I hear about more hot-headed fights at the pumps lately...our country is on edge. Some white men use race like Viagra, to help get them going. Pathetic.

Diane J Standiford said...

Shoot! That Gaye Utune was EXACTLY what my post today needed. I got on the Starbucks in my office building (I live in Seattle) to play some Marvin Gaye, and they DID! For a whole week. It was fantastic. The fact that his songs are so relevant today, says it all...sigh. A blog I like that you might too:
Peace to you and Happy New Year, Diane-

Blinders Off said...


I do visit that site sometimes, matter of fact the host comments in the Fields, which is a site a visit everyday. I have him linked on the side. Racism is ugly on all levels. I sometimes wonder if I would see it get better before I leave this world, but I honestly do not think so.

The only thing I can do is continue to be who I am and treat people how I would like to be treated. Individuals and Hate groups that strive on Ignorance while here in the land of the living judgment and sentence is handed down when their time is up.