Friday, December 28, 2007

Out with the OLD In with the NEW

My resolution for the New Year is to continue to live life as if each day is my last and continue a positive attitude as much as possible while living with the unpredictable illness of Multiple Sclerosis. I have goals in mind, but I am superstitious about talking about them. As I achieve them, I will blog about it.

Wishing everyone who read this blog a SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Leaving for Texas Sunday to bring in 2008...I'll be around again next year.


Michelle said...

Happy New Year! My resolution is a duplicate of yours with one addition - the same resolution I've had for 30 years - have more patience. lol I'm nothing, if not persistent. Thanks also for adding my Brain Angles site to your MS Blog Roll. I'm adding your Blog to my Synapse links as well. All the best realizing your goals in 2008 and beyond. Michelle

Diana & Cecilia said...

Thank you for visiting my MS Journey Blog. Life with MS is unpredictable. But like you, I try to live each day at a time and just take life with a grain of salt. I love your "I'm kicking" and "I'm kicking, just not as high". I will definitely remember that. Also, if you get the name of that handheld game to help us MS'ers -- pass it along. I am open to anything that can speed up my cognition or help me in any way.

Take care -- sending prayers to you for a healthy and happy 2008!

Blinders Off said...

Diana & Cecilia,

I have to admit I am kicking, but not high this evening. The name of the game is Brian Age one or two, it is played on a hand held Nintendo DS.

I tried purchasing one today, but all the stores sold out over Christmas. As soon as they are stocked in the stores, I will be purchasing one. I think many MS'ers will enjoy Brian Age to help the cognitive.

Wishing both of you a safe and Happy New Year

Blinders Off said...


Patience was not my virtue and I have been working on it since my grandmother gave me her word of wisdom about patience five years ago. I am better at it, but I am still working at it.