Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It‘s Worse Every Year

I completed my Christmas shopping at the beginning of the month. I set a budget on how much I was going to spend and I stuck to it. I had a little left over, so I decided to buy some small items to go into Christmas stockings for my grandchildren and my little friends in the neighborhood. Of all days, no store I went into had enough cashiers; the lines were so long it was unbearable. One store literally had one cashier, what a joke. I left the store after spending the time to find the items I wanted.

I left the house feeling like Santa Claus...I came home the Grinch.


Charles-A. Rovira said...

That's all too common a holiday shopping experience.

I blame us all for being so materialistic. (Thank you Mr. Contrarian...)

Blinders Off said...


I agree about who is the blame.

Wisdom comes with age and I am passing it on to my children about being materialistic.

Diane J Standiford said...

I live near a big shopping area and this time of year the cars honk at each other, people yell f you f that f f f, it will last now until Christmas Day ends, Same every year. Tensions run high, emotions deep, everyone on edge. This year was my best Christmas time ever, removed myself from all the insanity and focused on simple things.

Friday said...

I adore Christmas and hate shopping. I also hate having a holiday dictate to me when I'm supposed to gift people. I'd rather give a gift when I find it and think the other person would like it ...any time of the year. I left to go shopping feeling like the Grinch and came home feeling more like I was a citizen of Whoville.

I hope your actual Christmas was merry.



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Blinders Off said...


Simple is GOOD. I am not going near a mall or store until after the New Year.


I only felt like the Grinch the day I wrote this post. My actual Christmas wonderful. Since you are a citizen of Whoville, I bet a silver dime you enjoyed yours.


Thanks for the invite, I will check out your site.