Monday, November 12, 2007

The Drug Pump

I do not know if I can have a drug pump inserted in me to administer medication directly into the spinal fluid of my back. A friend of mine who also live with MS called to tell me that is exactly what he did. He went into the hospital to have the Intrathecal baclofen (In-trah-THE-kal BAK-loe-fen) drug pump inserted into his spine.

Only people who experience severe pain can relate with one another. Living with severe pain is a *itch. From a scale of 1 to 10 on a pain chart, I live daily at a scale 7. Each time my pain scale moves up the chart I have to adjust my life in order to have a life. Then I have those days that doctors call break thru pain that hits the 10-scale point or off the charts all together. To suffer consecutive days with pain at that level it starts to affect you mentally. I experience the emotional effect of pain and I do not ever want to experience that again. (If you want to know what that was check on July’s archive because I will not be linking it anymore when I refer to that time in my life).

That is why when David told me he had Intrathecal baclofen drug pump inserted in his spine, I understood his desperation for relieve. I am desperate to find relieve when my pain goes of the charts, I cannot see myself doing what he did, but I also cannot say I will not.


Anonymous said...

I know several people with this pump, one of whom abuses it greatly. Two have the pumps on manual where they hit it only when they need it.

It is not the end of the world to get this procedure, but it is the end of pain as you know it.

Side effects are minimal, but skin infections at site and timely refilling as I understand it is important to keep on top of.

Good luck in your decision. Just remember, we all deal with pain differently. If you do decided to get the pump, it is your personal decision and you should not be judged by others for your decision.


Blinders Off said...

Now I am not thinking about having a surgical procedure to insert a drug pump in me. I talked about it because a friend of mine with MS had it done to him. It was the first time I heard of people going to that extreme.

I have enough problems with side of effects taking oral medication and wearing a patch for pain.

mdmhvonpa said...

Bionic woman ... part III