Friday, November 16, 2007

Dwight Fryer

Dwight Fryer was FANTASTIC, we had a good time last night, but I came home exhausted and feeling some extra pain. I will not be posting until after the holiday. I have family coming in for Thanksgiving and I have a daughter getting married the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

I am praying I do not have an exacerbation with all that is going on.


Anonymous said...

It is that time of the year that we push ourselves too hard. Please take time to rest often, so that you don't have a flare up.

Work a little, rest a bit, work a little more, rest a bit. And delegate some of the work!!!

Happy holidays,

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Blinders, I've been lurking about, but forgive me for not posting sooner.

You go, girl! And you're living proof that MS doesn't have you.

I wish I could guide my ex-roomie to your site. One of the reasons we're not roomies any more is that she learned she had MS, and told me she was moving out; that she didn't like living with other people.

She treated me foul; yet, I didn't want to break up the roomie arrangement, especially after she was diagnosed with it.

I know there's anger when you first deal with this, but from what I can see, you didn't turn on anyone;nor did you push them away.

I know a few people with MS and you remind me of them - not allowing the illness to define who you are as a human being. God Bless you for that.

And I see in the picture a mother who might outshine the bride on her wedding day! Take care and don't over do it this holiday season. I need you to help spar with the Field (LOL).

Blinders Off said...


Work a little, rest a bit; work a little more, rest a bit. And delegate some of the work!!!

That is my motto and it should be every MS'er motto, because I learned the hard way a couple of years ago when I push myself beyond my limitation.

Happy Thanksgiving

Blinders Off said...


Nice to know you look in on me sometime. I do not expect people to drop a comment, but it is nice when they do. Sometimes I forget my family and friends look in on me until they say something about what I post when I see or talk to them.

If you are in touch with your roommate who was diagnosis with MS, continue to encourage her to live life to the fullest. Giving up and giving in to MS is what take you out quicker and I refuse to do that and I hope you ex roommate realizes that once she go thru the emotions of knowing she have to live her life with MS.

There is no way I will outshine the bride once you see the pictures from the wedding when I post them.

I go in the Fields everyday and I always leave with some knowledge. You definitely know how to hold it down in the Fields and you are on point, as always I truly enjoy reading your comments and your posts when you post.

Happy Thanksgiving