Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Showing No Mercy...Unless You Control IT


This heat wave is no joke! If hell is hotter than what it has been for the past three months...I pray living my life by the Golden Rule is my ticket into heaven. :-)

Multiple Sclerosis and I have been battling during this heat wave. IT is getting upset with me because I have not allowed IT to take over. IT needs to know I am in control of my body! There was a time I allowed IT to control my body, but I did not like the way IT played. I use to go about my daily routine as if I was not living with MS (IT) during the summer months and would have to be injected with 3000 mg of Solu-Medrol two to three times during the summer because IT would affect my body in a negative way for days.

This is the first summer in years; I have not had to have an IV Infusion. I know that is because instead of allowing IT to control me, I took control of IT by LISTENING to MY BODY. I have learned to say NO, and still be productive in my LIFE and that is the greatest feeling ever. When I was forced to quit working in my dream job eight years ago, I thought my life was over. I like my new non-paying job better. I now utilized the skills I have learned over the years to help and be a voice for others and work with disadvantage children.

Yes, I have Multiple Sclerosis, but to me MS mean I AM Mighty Strong!


kid said...

Thought I stop by and say hi. I'm in Cleveland and we have a local celebrity named Kim Sellers that has a foundation that deals with MS. Maybe you can compare notes. Her husband used to play with the Cavaliers. BTW, his name is not Lebron,it's Brad. Take care sis.

Blinders Off said...


Thanks for stopping by, I checked out Kym Sellers Foundation and joined her on FB. I also enjoyed looking videos she posted on you tube.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey Blinders.

How are you doing? I was thinking about you and pray that all is well. You not kidding about the heat, I was invited to spend my vacation in Oklahoma, and the heat was so humid my hair reverted quick from silky to well...

They had lost my luggage, but found it finally the following week. I was playing with my grandkids and bruised my rib and it's been bugging me somewhat. Other than that everything is okay.

Diane J Standiford said...

MS Mighty Strong--I like it. Glad to hear you are still loving your work. We are less, without work. Stay cool! (shoot, I was headed over until I read no Lebron, oops, stepped in it. LOL)

Black Diaspora said...

IT is not my life,
I'm in charge of IT.
IT will not cause me strife,
Or cast me into a PIT
Of despair and hopelessness.
Just give me the power of my WIT,
And I'll do the rest.

I hope you won't mind my poor attempt at poetry. The poem was inspired by your beautiful words of resistance.

svrbrownsuga said...

Mighty Strong... I love it!!! :D Thanks so much for this post. I was diagnosed in april but had symptoms for over a year and I realize the summer is not my friend however that cannot be forever. Thanks again for the post :D

@GNN said...

Yes Yes You have made me realize I too am listening to my body and fighting the good fight. I am not my disease - is the name of my blog - but even so I need reminding by you and others. i have got my autoimmune conditions in control through rest, good sleep, helping others, medication, physiotherapy and acupuncture. It is a constant battle but we can do it.

Blinders Off said...

Hi Granny,
I am doing WELL! I am smiling as I write, my sisters just left. I knew my older sister and a cousin was coming to visit this weekend, but they surprised me and had my two younger sisters with them... It is hard to surprise me, but they pulled it off :-)
I am glad the airport finally found your luggage. Take it easy playing with the grand kids; we need you around to keep us up to date with FAUX NEWS agenda.

@ Diane,
LOL...In reference to your LeBron slip, I am thinking of that guy who became a YouTube sensation begging people to Leave Brittany Spears alone.


I never talked about my inspirational wall and book on my blog before, I LOVE the poem! It is now part of my inspiratonal collection. Thank you.


You are going to discover a wonderful MS community in the blogosphere. I meant what I said at your blog.


Who knew LISTENING was the key to make life living with MS a little easier.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

God is good! I pray that all is well with you. Lately, I've been busy working on my book. It is taking up a lot of my time. So, I haven't been posting on the blogs as much as I used to and now only when I get a chance do I post.

Crystal Ogle Frazee said...

Your post is very empowering for those with MS and even without. There are many things we cannot control (including MS), but we can control how we respond to it. Learning how to listen to the cues from your body and knowing when the heat was too much...before it was too much. I pray more MSers follow in your steps.

Blinders Off said...

Thanks Crystal,

Over the years I learned it is up to us who live with MS to not give up, instead adapting living with MS is how we can control our lifes and not MS.