Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Is Worse Than A Winter Cold?


A Summer Cold!

It has been years since I had a cold, I guess it is a cold. It could be allergies or sinusitis. Any who, whichever it is, its time to take it to the doctor. Over the counter meds are not doing squat.

I can’t breath out of one of nostrils, the other nostril is working at 75%, my throat is itching, my ears are ringing, coughing, one minute I am cold, the next I am hot, but most of all...

I CANNOT SLEEP. When I lay down, I have to get back up because what will not come out my nose is choking me.

Hubby think I should go see my doctor ASAP…of Dr. BlindersOff think she can wait until her physical appointment Tuesday.


Lisa Emrich said...

Oh dear, your eyes tell it all. So sorry that you are feeling so crappy. Keep trying to rest, drink lots of fluid, maybe breathe over a humidifier or squirt saline up into your nostrils. I hope that it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. Zicam helps knock out my cold symptoms in five days or so. They have a whole bunch of products for each ailment. Take a look....Tuesday is a ways off yet.


Diane J Standiford said...

Very little is worse than a summer cold---NOT FAIR! HEY! My vit D level tested normal after living at my new home for just 2 sunny months.

Blinders Off said...


After my doctor visit today and the sample pill of Liquibid D I took immediately. I feel much better. What a difference a day make.

Blinders Off said...


After hearing the FDA warning about Zicam today. All I can say is stay away from the Zicam.

I told my doctor how well the ergonomics is working for me. She said, "She is a smart lady." I agree...THANK YOU

Blinders Off said...


I am glad your Vitamin D level is back in check. I tried to get out of going to see a specialist about mine, but the Doc said it is too low and I need to go :(

My appointment is Thursday, I thought about cancelling, but I am going to keep it.

Herrad said...


Please come by my blog and pick up your award.

Have a good day.


ps hope

Herrad said...

your cold gets better soon.
oops something went wrong for me must have clicked on the wrong thing by mistake.

Blinders Off said...

Thanks Herrad I will be by to pick it and my cold which turned into bronchotis is getting better.