Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blame It - Jamie Foxx- BARACK OBAMA SPOOF

With all that is wrong in this country, I will have PATIENCE for President Obama to evoke CHANGE. He is only one man it is the men and women on Capitol Hill who we the American people should hold responsible if change is slow in coming or does not come at all...Remember The Republican Party talking piece want him to fail. Hmmm, there is something wrong with the Americans who hang on every word of an addict that speaks for the Republican Party?

President Barack Obama did not create this mess in America, but they the Republican Party want people to believe its President Obama’s fault. Let us not forget it was them, the Republican Party in charged for the last eight years and rubber stamped the Bush Administration. I also blame men and women of the Democrat Party for not putting up a fight to the bullying of the Republican Party.

To sum up opinion BOTH PARTIES are the blame for the mess the United States is experiencing. Capital Hill has been bought and paid for by the super rich and big businesses. I personally am ready for new, young, intelligent, uncorrupt faces with new ideas on Capital Hill who is not afraid to take on the thieves that robbed America blind.

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Denver Refashionista said...

Well said. I do not blame Obama. He has worked with integrity towards the ends he promised, now all those other folks need to quit getting in his way so he can finish the work.