Monday, February 16, 2009

It Cannot Get Worse…So Why Not Look Into It

“D”, I was reading this article on vitamin D (and others) and it keeps coming up that African-Americans can be deficient in this vitamin and can develop multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. You should have your blood level checked. Because our skin is dark, we re usually 100% deficient in this vitamin & and have an array of ailments as a result. I had mine checked and I am deficient and my doctor placed me on 6 drops daily. It has made a huge difference in the pain I was feeling in my bones.

The website is not just for African Americans it has some interesting information on it..Click to check it out.

When I see my neurologist for my scheduled February 27, appointment, I am requesting to have my blood drawn to check my vitamin D level. I have taken myself off a many harmful prescription medication to control symptoms of my MS. Could it be possible some of what I feel could be from vitamin deficiencies mainly vitamin D. I would prefer to take vitamins to control some of my ailments than harmful prescription medication.

It cannot get worse…so why not look into vitamin deficiencies.


Diane J Standiford said...

I agree. More and more research points to D. My level was low. Was put on 50,000 IU...I suggest starting slow though, like 1,000. Wonder if we will ever know.

Nicole said...

My doctor said my vitamin D levels were low when I had my last physical...I may really need to go get those supplements she wanted to put me on.

Anonymous said...

Hi D:

There is a test for vitamin D level and another test for "circulating Vitamin D level" - ask for both.

I take D3 every day along with Cal/Mag as it helps with joint stiffness.

Good luck at your appointment. If you forget to ask for the "circulating" part, call the office when you get home and tell them to add it on.


Denver Refashionista said...

I bet the "D" will help your bones feel better. Good luck.

Tyra said...

I hope your appt. goes well and taking the vitamin D might help. Taking vitamins in place of the medication should be better. Next time I go to the Dr. for a exam I'm going have them check me out for my D level.

Micsii said...

I've seen a beautiful poem here in your blog but now I cant find it. It was a poem written by a famous poet, but unfortunantly I cant remember the name too. I know it has a part with "glory in a flower". can u please tell me the date when u put it in your blog? or just tell me the name of the poem or of the writter??

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Micsii said...

I found the name of the poet: william wordsworth

can u tell me the name of the poem or the date when u put it here?

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Blinders Off said...

Ann, thanks for suggesting the second test. I will write a post once I get the results on my "D" level.

Blinders Off said...


I posted that poem on May 25, 2008.

Blinders Off said...


To find it without going through my blog, you can get to it by googling: glory in a flower + living with ms

It should bring you straight to it.