Sunday, August 10, 2008


Those of you who been reading my blog for a while may recall a few post I posted about what I do in my community. I revealed a threatening incident against me, but as I thought about it. My blog is about living with ms and what I do to keep the Mayor office of my town accountable did not belong on my blog.

Well, it is heating up again because we are in an election year and I have given my four-year report card that is not in the best interest of the incumbent that is reported in the inaugural issue of my monthly Did-U-Know Newsletter. Therefore, my posting will not be as regular as it use to be, but I will try to put something up once a week. I will be back on my blog posting regular again after the election and I will make my rounds on the blogosphere when time allows it.


Blindersoff aka Debra




I personally like knowing more about what others do outside of talking about ms. So while you are living with ms, you are also watching out for your community. I'd say if you want to share, go ahead and share. Those folks who don't want to read about it, don't have to. IMHO.

Lazy Julie said...

I agree with Lisa. It's your blog and you are a woman WITH MS. You are not MS. You have shit, you have family, friends, all kinds of stuff---good and bad--that comes from living a life. Share away!
Lazy Julie

Blinders Off said...

Lisa and Lazy Julie,

Maybe I will start posting about the dirty shit that happens in my city. Hell, it is not as if I do not expose it to my community, the only difference is I will be exposing it to the world.

Do not get me wrong, my little city is a nice place to live. Unfortunately, some snakes slipped in to public positions that has to be stop and put out of public office and of the police department before it is too late to do something about them.

There is nothing worse than dirty a$$ cops that are suppose to serve and protect and the politician who protects them in their dirty deeds. I hope the US Attorney office does not wait until I meet a premature death before they step in.