Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do you believe in karma?

A month ago, my husband found someone's PDA at the service station and brought it home. I told him, "That thing could hold someone's hold life in it. We need to find out who it belongs to". He said, "I am not going to go through the trouble of finding out who this belong to". I asked, "What are you going to do with it". He said, "Nothing". I told him, "I was going to find out who it belongs to and call them". "Do what you want", was his reply.

For the world of me, I could not figure out how to operate the phone or anything else on the PDA. I eventually gave up and kept it near me in the case someone calls the number. I figured someone would eventually call. A few hours later that day someone finally called, but I could not figure out how to answer it. I figured how to answer the phone around the fourth time the phone ranged. I hurried up and said, "Don't hang up my husband found this phone and I am trying to find out who it belongs to". The woman on the other end said, "It's my boyfriend phone that is why I kept calling hoping someone would answer".

She was excited someone not looking to keep it found the PDA and I met them in a public place to return it. The man who owned the PDA said, "Thank you so much, you have no idea how you saved my life". I laughed and told him, "I told my husband someone life is probably stored in that".

Who would have known a month later, I would loose my prescription eyeglasses and wallet. That is what happened Friday. I did not realize I had lost my glasses and wallet until I came home an hour later. I took off my prescription sunglasses and reached into my purse for my eyeglasses, only to discover they were not in there. I dumped my whole purse and began to panic when I realized they were gone. I went and searched inside my car, thinking maybe that they dropped out of my purse. Nothing, thankfully, I only went to two places while I was out. I discovered where I left my eyeglasses after calling the establishments I had been.

I immediately went to retrieve my eyeglasses and got the shock of my life. He also handed me my wallet, I had no idea I did not have my wallet. He told me two different people turned both into him. I checked my wallet and everything was still in it, I thanked God and immediately thought about my good deed of making sure I found the owner of the PDA my husband found a month ago.

What bothered me was I could not recall how I could have lost my eyeglasses and wallet. I finally stopped stressing about how I could have lost something so important because it was driving is starting to drive me while I am typing this, but I am letting go. The important thing is that I have them both and because I did a good deed a month ago, yesterday a good deed was returned to me.



That's wonderful. So glad you got your glasses and wallet back, and glad that there was still battery charge left on that PDA.

Denver Refashionista said...

And to think I ever doubted Karma... I am so glad you got your stuff back. I also drive myself nuts when I do something uncharacteristic, especially when I misplace things.