Monday, August 11, 2008

Not So Delightful

I just ended my call with a Kellogg CSR this morning about my experience last night with one of my favorite Keebler brand cookies “Dipping Delights Cheesecake Sandwich Cookies”. Last night I had a sweet craving and I went and opened my newly purchased bag of Dipping Delights. I joyfully pulled out three sandwich cookies to devour.

I have a ritual when I eat sandwich cookies; I open the cookie and eat the side without cream first then slowly eat the creamed side. I was in heaven enjoying the taste of my Keebler cookie until I opened the third sandwich cookie.

At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw a black spot in the cream of my cookie. I pulled my eyeglasses off and closely looked to see if it was something stirred in the cream. I was sick to my stomach when I realized it was something embedded in the cream. It was horrifying wondering about the first two cookies I consumed that I vomit my stomach contents.

I could not let this go, I decided first I was going to call Kellogg Monday morning and I was going to return the bag back to the Commissary where I purchased it for a full refund on Tuesday because they are closed on Monday. The first thing the Kellogg CSR offered was replacement coupons; I really did not give a damn about replacement coupons. I told her, “I would not be purchasing Dipping Delights again after that experience.” As if I really cared, she informed me the coupons were good for any Keebler product. “The purpose of me calling is to inform Kellogg of what I saw in my cookie and I really did not care about the replacement coupons, I plan to take it back to the commissary where I purchased it to let them see what was in the cookie.” She offered, "You could return the cookie back to Kellogg and we will analyze what it is in the cookie and we will send you a report."

I did not see any harm in that because if I take the bag of cookies back to the store they would just refund my money and I would never know what it is in the tainted cookie. I also thought it was best to send it back to them so they could investigate what it is and check out the conditions of the plant it came from. In my mind, what if someone does not open his or her sandwich cookies as I do and ingest a cookie with what I found inside of mine.

I told the CSR that I plan to blog about my experience with their cookie. She asked, “Are you seeking something.” I replied, “What do you mean am I seeking something.” She responded, “Do you plan to take this further.” Oh, now I know what she was thinking. I said, “If I was seeking something I would not have called Kellogg, I am taking you at your word that Kellogg will analyze what is in the cookie I am returning and send me an honest report. Yes, I was horrified when I saw the black spot in the cream of my cooking and it made me sick to my stomach knowing I ate two cookies before that discovery. I plan to blog about it because it happened to me and I will never eat another Dipping Delight Cream Cheese Sandwich Cookie.”

IMO, everything thing is not a lawsuit, it is irresponsible to not report what I found in my cookie. What if after Kellogg does their analysis of what was in my cookie and found it could be harmful to others. The responsible thing for Kellogg to do is recall that batch of cookies. If I discovered it in my bag it is possible that batch of cookie from the plant where it was made could have some serious quality control problems and what I found in my cookie could be lurking in other packages.


Denver Refashionista said...

/sorry your cookies were ruined for you. I hate to say it but I suspect that we often eat things with mystery spots and hairs in them. Seen "Fast Food Nation?" I have worked in a lot of restaurants and if the squeamish ever look behind the scenes they might never eat out agin.


Using your best guess, what do you 'think' was in your cookie? It obviously must have been rather disturbing if you emptied the contents of your stomach afterwards.

~ Charlene S Noto said...

I agree and commend you on your "everything is not a lawsuit" and in your calling them to let them know. I hope they will investigate but I'm afraid I also agree with Denver...I read Fast Food Nation and worked in restaurants for decades. I know the only way I can be pretty sure I'm eating what I think I'm eating is to grow my own vegetables organically and eat only those vegetables. I try to detach that part of my brain when I go out to eat. Here's hoping Kelloggs follows up with you. Let us know fi they do!

Diane J Standiford said...

I'm with you on over-suing. Once found a penny in a Coke bottle and returne it to ther main office. They were so uncaring. Find large bones in canned chicken and tuna. I report all tha stuff. I was a CSR, some DO care, I did and I would take it as high as needed AND get back to the caller. Thanks for the heads-up on Keeber. This is the great thing about having a blog!!

Blinders Off said...


I told my husband I am a cheap date because I seldom go out to eat. I am one of those squeamish people; I too worked in a fast food restaurant when I was a teenager.


It looks like a fly, but I do not think it is because I did not see wings. Not damage the cookie; I did not pick it up to examine it further.


I hope Kellogg follow up to, I took a picture of the cookie, and if they do not follow up, I will repost this post with a picture of the cookie. They did tell me it would take several weeks before they get the results of the analysis. I will post their response.


If I spend my money on something, I expect it to be the way I want it. I have no problem contacting companies when there is a problem with something I purchase. So far, I have had positive responses.

Blogging about consumer experiences should keep companies on their toes.

Merelyme said...

oh my goodness...i wonder what it was. i guess the big companies are always thinking someone will sue them or something. you did the right thing to report this. tell us what happens.

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