Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rollercoaster Day

I should be use to it, but how can you get use to not knowing what MS symptom you will experience from minute to minute, day to day. Today is one of those days, I had hope the MS roller coaster ride I felt my body taking would not last the entire day. So much for hoping, it has been getting worse as I type my woes. A new day is approaching maybe it will be better than today.

I am home alone and I have been tempted to call one of my daughters, instead I do what I always do to take my mind off how I feel. I go and visit the many blogs I like to read. I post comments regularly on some of my fellow MS’ers blogs. You can count on one had how many times I ranted in the four years I have been a blogger.

Today I did something out of character. I know I can rant on my fellow MS’ers blog, but today I ranted about trolls taking over one of my favorite blogs that is not someone who lives with MS. What the blogosphere do not know about us MS blogger we blog about current issues or whatever the heck is on our minds. Unfortunately, my rant was not on that blog it was on another blog I like that is not troll infested.
What I did not expect was someone taking it personally.

As I thought about, I think some people look for any reason to get pissed off. I do not engage in cyberspace arguing, what is the point of that. We all have a right to our opinions, I read many opinions I do not agree with, but I am not going to beat you over the head to drive my point of view home. There is a difference in toll engagement and engagement for understanding.

Trolls take over blogs when they should get there on damn blog since they have so much to say and provoke a response to practically every damn comment. Trolls intent is to engage that is why I do not freaking engage trolls. I was hoping the trolls that invaded my favorite blog find another home. Hell, they are starting to multiply. The main troll now has a following that is taking over the comment section from the regular people who comments that I enjoy reading.

I do know this I WILL NOT allow the trolls that invaded my favorite blog to run me off from reading it. Now that the troll followers are commenting with their leader and amongst themselves, should not be long before they will highjack another blog or go back to their leader blog.


Anonymous said...

Troll Bloggers.....a new term to me. I will keep an eye on it though. Thanks for stopping by so often, I value your comments.


Denver Refashionista said...

Hmmm... I am curious about these trolls you speak of and the blog where they have taken up residence. I am tired of trolls trying to sell me and my readers a product or service. Even some folks in the MS community are doing it. I guess those efforts are probably well-intended but they still annoy me.

Have Myelin? said...

Nice to "meet" you! :-)

I've encountered those too- and that is why moderated comments.

They multiply like rabbits but like you I won't let them run me off. SO THERE.

You go, girl.