Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finally At PEACE

Michael Jackson Memorial Service was BEAUTIFUL. I remember that day in 1969 when the world saw Michael Jackson and his brothers on the Ed Sullivan Show. I grew up to the music of a genius and in my eyes as a Black American, HE DID bust down doors that were closed to us.

I enjoyed the entire Memorial, but there were three highlights for me that reflected Michael Jackson and how he should be remember. Maya Angelou poem written for Michael that Queen Latifah read, eulogy by Rev. Al Sharpton, and the eulogy by Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee

I know this is too much to ask for, but I hope the mainstream media put a STOP to dragging his name in negative talk. If they must keep talking, talk about his talent, and humanitarian deeds. We all live in glass houses, unfortunately, a super star as Michael Jackson always had someone throwing rocks to shatter his glass house for financial gain.

He never had a normal life. He could not enjoy a stroll in the park, shop with his family in a mall, take in a movie, and go to a grocery store…you get the point, without being stalked or harassed. He was a prisoner who had to create his own NEVERLAND to have some sort of normalcy in life.

Michael Jackson completed his purpose God gifted him to do and now he is at home…



Anonymous said...

I was out at an appointment until 2PM so I only got to see it from then onward, but it was nice and sad at the same time.

Every time I thought I had stopped crying, some body sang a song or they piped in him singing while running pictures. Then I would start crying all over again.

The heartbreaker was at the end when Paris asked to speak and I just lost it.

Very poignant Memorial. He made his mark on this earth that will be felt for many years to come.


Blinders Off said...

I agree 100% Anne.

If anyone was confused about the love Michael's children had for him, all they have to do is look back at Paris saying good bye to her Dad for the last time...it was heart breaking.

Diane J Standiford said...

The entire memorial was perfection. I have been to MANY funerals and never was one so rich(and I was only around about 35 people at most) with respect for the deceased. I too watch the original J5 on ED Sullivan---fell in love and never stopped loving MJ. I KNOW he is resting in peace. Perfect poem, even Rev S., who sometimes gets on my nerves, said just the perfect thing. And when I looked in the faces of those 3 kids, I swear I saw Michael. Those are HIS children. His legacy is on solid ground.

Blinders Off said...


I am ready for the media to get off the Michael Jackson story and let him RIP. I agree with the Reverend this time speaking up for MJ because of how the media it milking his untimely death...mostly with negativity. His eulogy was a good one.

As I said in my post, we all live in a glass house and we all have some sort of flaw. Yes, MJ was out there, but most gifted people are a little wierd. It is time to give it a rest and move on to other news!