Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dodging Tornadoes

I hate days like this when you have to take shelter more than once.

Gotta GO! I hear the sirens again; it is going to be a LOOONG night.


Michelle said...

Wishing for blue skies and sending all the positive energy that I can muster that you stay safe.

Diane J Standiford said...

Oh, those photos bring back awful memories. 8yrs old, looking ot the back window as my aunt sped toward the Indiana line from Ohio, a tornado in hot pursuit.
I hope you and all your loved ones are ok.

All of Me said...

i am hoping that you are okay. this is merely me. i have a personal blog i started up and wanted to invite you but you have no email address. if you are interested just email me and i will send you an invite.

Blinders Off said...

It was a scary day and evening, but we all survived it. I was more worried about my daughters because it all started when they were getting off work. One made it home in time and she captured a picture on her cell phone of the funnel that hit close to her home. The other one was trapped at work during the first round, but she was able to get to her family before the second round.

Thankfully, my Baby Girl who lives in Nashville did not have to go through this. She just experienced the horror of tornadoes when they hit in Springfield Missouri a few weeks ago. My house took a beating from the wind the way it start shaking I thought it would not be able to stand up to the wind this time, but it did. We only lost a few roof shingles.

Merelyme...I sent you an email

Anonymous said...

Glad you have come out of the storms in relatively one piece.

Looking forward to you getting back to blogging soon,

Lyric said...

I remember that day so well, It was so scary. Hope all of you are all right.