Monday, January 4, 2010

It Is Not A Want It Is A Need...


Why is it hard to stop smoking? This is not a New Year's resolution for me to stop smoking because I have the desire to quit smoking every day. My addiction to Nicotine has been going on for over thirty years. I said I would quit when cigarette cost first start increasing many moons ago. I said I was going to quit smoking when smoking was no longer allowed in the work place many moons ago. Finally, I said I was going to quit in 2007 when my brand of cigarettes increased to $7.50 a pack, but all I did was switch to a brand (Salem Lights 100)that cost what my brand use to cost. There is no doubt in my mind that smoking is very harmful to me, but I tried all the stop smoking aides and going Cold Turkey with no success. I also know I could save $1,680 a year if I stop smoking. Hell, not only will I be taking better care of my health I would also be saving a hell of lot of money. Just the thought of what I can do with $1,680 during these economical times is endless.

People say you have to want to stop smoking, believe it or not I WANT TO STOP SMOKING and I NEED TO STOP SMOKING. The following smoking aides did not work for me because I experienced severely more than one of the side effects that comes with taking them such as mood or behavior changes, anxiety, panic attacks, trouble sleeping, or if you feel impulsive, irritable, agitated, hostile, aggressive, restless, hyperactive (mentally or physically), more depressed, or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself, changes in dreaming or sleeping pattern, constipation, gas, nausea, vomiting.



Nicorette Gum

Nicotine Patches


Going Cold Turkey did not work for me because I experience some of the above mentioned side effects and I morphed into Linda Blair on the fourth day of not having nicotine. However, I decided January 05, 2010 I am going to go into the depth of hell. I am about to battle the desire to continue to feed my body nicotine. I went into the depth of hell and made it back when I quit giving my body morphine to battle my pain because I knew the morphine was killing me. I should be able to quit giving my body nicotine, especially since I know it is the root of some of my medical problems and it is slowly killing me and I can use the money.

I know it is going to be hard for me, therefore, I ask my virtual buddies to have me in their prayers as I fight to surpress and eventually kill the desire of wanting my last demon called Nicotine. I will keep you guys posted on my progress.
I will also remind myself as I go through this process that "I can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS ME."


Peace Be With You said...

I hold you in my prayers and wish steadfastness and courage for you. You can do it! You *will* do it!

S.S-O said...

i'm there with u all the way!!!! I too used to smoke but i was one of the lucky ones (i guess) who was able to quit cold turkey. I miss it ever so often and i know it will be hard but u have my virtual support!!! :-)

nicky hazel said...

You can do it! I'll support in anyway1

Blinders Off said...

The urge for nicotine is very strong. The good news is, I significantly cut down. I was smoking a pack a day when I made this blog post. As of today I have am at 1/2 a pack.

I hope by this time next week, I am not smoking cigarettes.

I am doing it my way, but I know I am going to beat my nicotine habit this time.

Thanks for the SUPPORT!

Black Diaspora said...

I'll keep you in my prayers. I use to smoke, so I can empathize.

Wanting to quit is half-way there. And you have ample motivation: health and money.

I'm not going to offer any solutions to kicking the habit, because I believe you have the matter well in hand.

I'll monitor your progress as you report back.

Let me offer you this encouragement. I've known several smokers (smokers who loved smoking, and who had smoked most of their life) who kicked the habit.

You can do it, too!

Blinders Off said...

Thanks BD, I need all the encouragement I can get. I have become VERY HATEFUL :(

Tenisha said...

You can do it, Ms. Debra!

Blinders Off said...

Hi Tenisha :)

I will do it this time. Althouth I am going through feeling hateful and mean, I am not passing it on to others...I stay to myself during those moments. I will continue to update on this post and I will write another post the day I will not pick up a cigarette.

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, I just posted about smoking, anyhoo, YES! I will pray for you, but I will also tell you that my mom smoked for FIFTY years and tried EVERYTHING to stop, but couldn't, then, at age 68, she went to a hypnotist---one visit and she has never smoked since! NOT my mom's style, in fact I was shocked when I heard what she had tried, but it WORKED! I asked how or what he did and she said he put the thought in her mind that with every smoke she was destroying the chance to watch her grandchildren grow up. (Ironic, because THEY moved away and couldn't care less about her.) But I will defintely pray for strength.

Blinders Off said...

Thanks Diane,

My husband had two visits with a hypnotist with negative results. Unfortunately, by both of us smoking it is making it very difficult for me, but I am hanging in there. I will be talking about my experience soon.

One of my smoking cycles is smoking while I am on the computer. I am not strong enough yet to be on the computer long. When I post my next entry, I will tell how long I have been smoke free :) I still need the prayers because I want one while I am typing...It is hard out here for a smoker who is trying to become a non-smoker.

c.c.-kathy said...

Blinders Off, I am thinking of you and wishing you good thoughts.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You'll overcome it! I believe that. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, BELIEVE that ye RECEIVE them, and YE SHALL HAVE them.

BTW, did you, BD, and IseeIsee get the e-mail I sent you?

Blinders Off said...

Thank you C. C.-Kathy and Granny, I really need all the prayers I can to fight this battle. This battle is a rough one, but I am determine to be VICTORIOUS.

Granny, I received your email and I replied back today.

MossLadyT said...

You can do it MOM..I beleive this is the year you going to QUIT!!!! Just set your mind on the $$$ lol! I love you & support you during this.

Blinders Off said...


Moma is going to make you and Nicky Hazel PROUD

Black Diaspora said...

Blinders Off said...

"Moma is going to make you and Nicky Hazel PROUD"

That's the ticket! We're still with you. You're not alone.

And to Granny: I received and answered your e-mail today.

Herrad said...

Hi Debra,
Thinking of you.

Herrad said...

Hi Debra,
Please come by my blog and pick up your award.

S.S-O said...


How's this going?

Blinders Off said...


I am still smoking as of today. It is strange...I was able to handle the physical withdrawals going cold turkey with morphine, but I cannot handle the physcial withdrawals of nictone. Nictone wins the battle, but I will win the WAR.

Other than that I am still fighting and enjoying life as much as possible living with MS.

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